Friday, November 05, 2004

Mission Accomplished!

(originally written Nov. 3rd as an email to my friends.)

If I smoked cigars,I'd be lighting one up now.
The bread n butter of this nation,the unwashed masses who the Democraps sought to enslave with their nonsense,the hard core,hard working,decent,humble just plain folk who inhabit "fly-over country" last nite punched the clock and then punched the ballot and gave one nice juicey,collective bird to Kerry and his misguided, vague and mysterious Plan for our nation.

Here in Missouri our motto is "Show Me!" We're a skeptical lot,preferring to make up our own minds about stuff and need to see the facts before we decide. This attitude could very well apply to most of the vast midsection of this country last nite. Well,we all saw Kerry...for months on end.And we all found him lacking in all the things that a country in troubling times need in a leader. The fact that he was/is a traitor to this nation and it's security aside,the man had nothing inside. Years of politicking have left him empty and void of any opinions,his values were shallow,his integrity...well,let's not even go there. He was but a socialist shell,propped up by the Democraps and hailed as the second coming of Kennedy.
We saw through all this nonsense.I would like to extend my most sincerest THANK YOU to all the normal folks who helped with this mission to root out the enemy in our midst...the fox in the henhouse.

I am amused by the Democrap reaction last nite,especially those in the media. Judy Woodruff,on CNN,when reporting that Dem insiders had told her that Florida was lost,looked as tho she would weep.Her face grief strickened...eyes getting moist.The whole atmosphere of the CNN studio was that of a funeral. Hushed and remorseful,these nitwits were letting their bias show,as if we had any doubts before.
Later,during a round table disscusion with all their 'experts',they all pondered aloud on how this could happened...what did the Democraps do wrong?Gosh...had they really underestimated the tone of the country? Was the majority of the nation actually conservative in values and attitude,afterall? Even tho by that time in the morning, I was punch drunk and stuperous from lack of sleep, I laughed heartily back at them-those nattering nabbobs,blind fools! What the hell is wrong with you people??!! They will never "get it"...ever....ever...ever.
To use the phrase often used by Harley-Davidson : If I have to explain, you'll never understand. I truly believe that after only a few short hundred years of this country's existence there was evolved a honest to God American gene. You're either born with it or you're not. If you have it,it's easy to do the right thing,to know b/s when you see it, fight for what's right with no question of what's in it for you,and even be willing to sign your life away for a certain period of time in the prime of your life to be of service and defense of this vast chunk of dirt we love so much. And to know when to say "When" to government when it gets too out of hand. These media dorks are mutants...they do not possess that genetic bonus. Too bad for them.

Our nation dodged a bullet today.Won't be the first...won't be the last.But it was the most important time. If,by some horrific twist of fate the scales had swung the other way, it would have set in motion the path to socialism of the most oppressive sort and we would all be at risk.
America told the Democratic Party: Not on Our Watch! Don't even try to pull that crap on us!
We are Blessed,We are covered by God's grace,we have a job to do in this world,we are the global cop...somebody's gotta do it. We are the place everyone else wants to be.Yes,dammit...we're special! We are the United States of America....not Cananda, not France or some other euro-state and don't you try to make us like that...cuz we'll kick like a Missouri mule! And we don't need your approval...we fled from you ninnies over 300 years ago because you were trying to tell us what to do.We formulated and put into operation a government that for the most part has worked...what have you guys contributed? Monarchies,Communism and Socialism ("commie lite"). I rest my case.

My only regret? That will never know of Kerry's Utopian sacred Plan he had for the nation...Praise the Lord,Allah,Buddha,Gaiea,Krishna, (insert name of prefered supreme power here) for that!!!!

Over and out, at ease troops!


Blogger Kathy said...

Amen, Sister! I'll see your cigar and raise you a quart of beer. ;-)

12/14/2005 12:03 AM  

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