Friday, January 19, 2007

Live from the County Library: Apocalypse Now

Now where was I?...
Oh yeah, that's right. I'M STILL FRIGGIN' OFFLINE!!!Ah, but the good news is, folks, at least I have a line to be off of. The world just to the north of here wasn't so lucky.

I'm sure you've seen all the vid clips that have been running all week on the network news shows. Almost all of those clips come from the Springfield area. OK, so there's a few from the Oklahoma area...but they are using primarily Ozark footage.
So that gives you some idea of how devastating the destruction is. It's apocalyptic, it's's, dare I say?...Katrina-esque. I was here for the Big Ice of '87 and this is making that look like a small cola slurpee. It is jawdropping.
Only a mere 20 miles kept us from abject chaos. We were just enough south that all we got was a buttload of rain and some flooding. So I was able to watch the mutha of all ice storms unfold on TV from the cozy comfort of my propane heated and electrically lighted home. I have to hand it to channel 3 one of the few Springfield stations that did manage to stay up and running for the whole event-their coverage was excellent and made for great TV. And they acted just as a media outlet should in a catastrophe. "Just the facts, ma'am." Very informative and professional.

Even after a week of misery up there, folks are hanging tough.
I have yet to see footage of disgruntled masses demanding some sort of help or rescue.
No scenes of anarchy or widespread looting.
Wolf Blitzer is dismayed.
Nope, despite shortages, long lines in the bitter cold and no telling when everyone will have power restored, us dumbass hillbillies are just doing what comes natural...taking care of our own.
FEMA? We don't need no steenkin' FEMA!

Although the FEMA boys are on the scene, no doubt, but assisting on the local government level.
We got chains saws, we got pick ups, we got places to go for a warm meal and to take the chill off. We got our National Guard boys helping out. We got folks checking up on the farms and outlying areas and helping those folks out. Yep, we'll be alright.
That's just how ya do it around here. The contrast twixt here and Nawlins is startling.

There has been so much going on I can't possibly comment, but I have been enjoying reading what all y'all have been writing.
On a personal note, the 'puter is still crapped up. The geek nephew had his confidence pulled out from under him by his somewhat bullying father. I know the kid could fix it, but dad railed on the boy about it so bad, he gracefully bowed out from the project.
So now I'm back to square one...facing a massive repair bill if the weather will ever cooperate long enough for me to make the 100 mile 'round trip to a competant repair shop.

I vow to be back here from my own computer by Ground Hog Day!

Of course, now the next ice storm may hit just a dab south of that would be us! So, I'm in town today replenshing the "Oh Shit" pantry, just in case.
Y'all be cool, now, Ya hear?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Still MIA

Folks, I'm still down...quickly typing this from the local library.
I was finally able to recall all my login info, so I could get on here and post.
No telling how long I will be down. I'm at the mercy of a slacker savant to repair my rig and must abide by his somewhat loose but nevertheless seemingly "busy" schedule. I'll admit it may not be the most optimum method, but he works cheap, is a total genius when it comes to all things computerly, and besides-he's kin.

The experts were trying to tell me I would basically need an all new rig-built by them, of course for a king's ransom and my hard drive would have to be slaved to the new one. I'm no pro from Dover, but that sounded lame as all get out. Computer techs are the new car repairmen of the 21st century...they are counting on your ignorance to weasel you outta some cash. I have a very low opinion of them, at least the yutzes around here.
My resident savant says : Bullshit...all you need is a new CPU.
Yeah...that's what I was thinkin',too, Bucky.
So now I wait for a new part and hopefully I will be back here sometime before the month is out.
Obviously, it's pointless to email me, but at least I can still read & respond to comments on the blog, so go on ahead.
Maybe I can get back into town next week and post.
It's gonna be hit & miss for awhile.
Wish me well...