Monday, September 29, 2008


So what are y'all doing on the last day of life as we know it?

I'll go and open up my store as usual. My locals will come and go as they buy their chews, pop, smokes, the odd bag of chips and half gallons of milk. I'm sure there will be some comments about the events of this day.

The past few days I've been pondering the weirdness of all this, on a personal level.
3 weeks ago I got a notice from AIG, letting me know that they would be canceling my car insurance. The letter explained that they would no longer be insuring people with only one car. A week later AIG was all over the financial news. I almost felt personally responsible.

Then there was the collapse of Wa Mu. Wa Mu is one of 3 credit cards I have. I liked it because of the delightfully low interest on it (something like 7 percent) I used it rarely, but wisely. My next favorite was my Chase card, but it had a 9 percent rate and a modest limit. Funny how Chase ate Wa Mu. Now my question is: What happens with my Wa Mu card? And if it transforms into a Chase card, will I still have the bitchen interest rate or will it bump up to my other Chase card rate? (but really, after today will it really matter?)

And now,we have Citi getting weird. Again, that is my 3rd card I own. I NEVER use that one. But out of the 3 cards-that one has the most insane limit. 25,000 bucks!
But for reason I don't fully understand it carries a obscene rate: 23%. I've never been late on it, so it's not a penalty rate. So naturally, I don't use it. 3 times I have called them and threatened to cancel the card and all 3 times they have begged me not to and as a carrot they lower the rate on it, one time to 3 PERCENT! But that only lasts for about 3 months and then they jack it right back up. Can't figure it out. Maybe they're in trouble because I never use it.

Naw. We're in this mess because the crapweasels in congress have been planning this for years. Back when they greenlighted banks to become investment houses and investment houses to become banks was when I got worried...oh, yeah...that's a GREAT IDEA!



Blogger Walker said...

FREAKIN A LIZ! I think we ought to see a pre-election comment.

11/03/2008 9:55 PM  

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