Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Details You Wished You Didn't Know (local news)

...And in this case it would be knowing first hand what a murder victim's last meal was.

A 20 oz Dr. Pepper and some honey roasted peanuts.

Less than 30 minutes later after this trio had stopped in at my store for sodas and snacks the guy was dead.

I think it's fair to say I'm seriously creeped out by this.
Everyone around here knows that Hitchcock has a legendary hot temper, but...damn!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

There Goes the Neighborhood.... ; )

At long last after nearly 22 years of enduring less than neighborly neighbors of all kinds (running from just not sociable, to down right peculiar, to out and out weasely ig'nert white trash with money) down here in the holler, patience has paid off.

The lil' house next to me has been sold (once again!) and the folks moved in last week.
So far we are hitting it off wonderfully.

They aren't strangers to country life, having lived in rural settings on and off for years. This recent move brought about by suburbia encroaching on their last place of residence, they sought yet another 'out in the middle of nowhere' place they could live without bothersome city folk. They came to the right place.

The couple is about my age, maybe just a wee bit younger, so we have that in common. She's ex-military, he's, well, uh, I dunno. He has had a wealth of life experiences, let's just say. Either way, he's a very likable, jovial guy-actually he reminds me of my Bill, personality-wise. It's nice. He's a biker-type. (and I mean that in a good way-if I have to explain...you'd never understand.)

Even all our dogs get along! That is important for me. Mine are only on a leash if they're going to the vet, would have hated to start doing that any time we ventured out for just a walk down the road.

They have big plans for this spot of land they have bought. (cash, no loan.)I honestly don't know where the money comes from, since all the proposed improvements are major money-lots of remodeling, landscaping, new storage/barns built, etc. Their plans sound wonderful if they can pull it off. I don't care. It's just refreshing to have people next door that I and my younguns feel instantly comfortable with!

Yesterday I spent a few hours chatting with them in the shade of the walnut tree in their yard, yeah, the store was open, but from my spot in the yard I could see whenever customers pulled in and would excuse myself and trot over to the store.
The day before they had got a delivery of a huge black piece of furniture-couldn't tell right off if it was just an impressive chest of drawers or a gun safe. Once the guys began to load it into the house I could tell. Yep, gun safe. A bigg'un, too and very nice.
So today's task for the hubby was to get all their firearms cleaned and inspected and fill the safe. The wife and I gabbed away as he broke down and meticulously cleaned a neverending array of rifles, handguns, shotguns and all manner of implements of destruction. The wife would interrupt our conversation now and then to indicate which one was hers- her gran'pa's .45, the 20 gauge she got as an anniversary present and so on with a story about each one. As soon as he finished up a few, off he go and bring out another 3 or so rifle cases and/or bags and start the process all over. It literally took most of the day! From about 10 a.m. to around 4 p.m. I didn't bother to ask exactly how many guns they actually had. I wasn't any of my business. But I was impressed.

In a delightfully weird way, I suddenly feel A LOT safer if the sh*t should ever hit the fan around here.

Yep, I think we're gonna get along just fine...

Monday, August 04, 2008


I've been pretty busy with my business right now and don't come around here as often as I usta. I barely have time now just to leisurely barrel about the internettubes and read up on things, let around actually write up something to post here. I will occasionally comment on blogs here and there, but that's about it for now. (Speaking of which, what up with Lem the Hillbilly White Trash? He hasn't posted anything for a few, that's a little unusual for him. Lem, I'm getting worried!)

However, one issue I've been following closely is the Obama "birth certificate" thing.
This controversy has been simmering for months now over at Free Republic and other blogs have taken up the matter. Notably, Atlas Shrugged and Texas Darlin' (who is an unabashed very pro Hillary site, but they seem to be the ones with the solid intel for now.) Opinions at FreeRepublic range from 'this isn't worth the effort, it's merely a distraction' to 'Are you nuts?! This does matter!' Both sides are very passionate and it has been making for interesting reading.

I'm in the 'It does matter' camp. Afterall, this clown is interviewing for the biggest gig we the people can bestow upon a citizen. And citizen is the key word here.
That's what this whole issue boils down to- Dude, are you an American citizen OR not??!!
Even to the untrained eye, these alledged "certificates of live birth" look fishy as all hell.
Back in California, long ago and far away, I had to show that I was an American citizen just to get a lousy minimum wage factory job, for crying out loud. This guy is fishing for the spot of PRESIDENT of the whole friggin' country!! Some vetting IS in order, I would think.
They tried to raise the citizenship issue with McQueeg earlier in the year-and that was quickly settled...but this Obama thing just keeps growing and getting weirder and weirder. It ain't gonna die soon. Seems that this would be an easy matter to prove, but simple things come very hard for Obama's people. In this post 9/11 world one has to dig out a real birth certificate for just about anything, simply to prove that you is who you is. Obama's people have also done so, but the problem is those docs ARE BLANTANT 'p-shopped FAKES! Why?
Again, we ask: Are you is or are you ain't an American citizen? Citizen of the world doesn't count, by the way.

There's been way too much published about the web about this to list ALL the links, but the Democracy Project has a nice little article for starts. Then of course there are the umpteen posts at Free Republic. Here's the link for the search page listing all of them, if you wanna do some arm chair sluething as well.
Have fun, kiddies. Right now I gotta head over to the store...