Friday, June 29, 2007

Those Darn Informed Citizens!!!

Yesterday, when the illegal immigration bill went down in flames, I couldn't help but think of the villain line in just about every Scooby-Doo cartoon ending.
So here ya go:

Thursday, June 28, 2007

"I am an American"

(Whilst tooling about the 'innernettubes' reading up on all the reax from this mornings senate vote I came across this at FreeRepublic. The poster alledges that it had been originally posted by on John McCain's site by a woman in response to the initial illegal immigration sheenanigans. (I reckon he had somesort of guest book or feedback page.) It's so moving and eloquent I just had to swipe it and post it here.
It may very well prove to be one of those email thingies that we always get, always noted as "Author Unknown". Either way, Mrs. Unknown is gonna get her props here.)

I Am An American

There have only been two days in my life when I felt sick in the pit of my stomach for America: September 11, 2001 and today, May 17th, 2007.

Today I learned that I have been betrayed by my President, my Senate, and my Political party. Today I learned that the citizenship I have treasured so much has been reduced in value to nothing by some. Today I learned that to some, I have no voice.

Today I learned a hard truth. To some, the American dream is only the dream of the immigrant and not the right of the home grown citizen. Today I learned that my country is not solid as stone but rather it is transient like a ripple on a lake.

Today I learned that my home is no longer my home. My people are no longer my people. My leaders are no longer my leaders. Today I learned that my president has a price. My senate has a price My political party has a price.

Today I learned something else too; I learned that they can’t break me.
Because I am an American.

I can not be bought. I can not be sold. There is no price on my citizenship. There is no price on my love of country. There is no price on my loyalty to America and her ideas.

While others whom I should be able to trust conspire against me, I sit and contemplate. I sit and remember. I sit and cry.

And I make a firm resolution. I am going outside to raise my flag and shine a light. Tonight I am going to rest, and break bread with my family. I will watch a silly movie to restore my soul. I will take a bubble bath and burn a candle.
And then I will sleep.

And when I wake up, I will face a new day. I will make the phones in Washington buzz. I will fill their fax machines. I will overburden their emails. I will write letters. I will call talk shows. I will plan rallies. I will call friends.

And I will not stand down.

Because I am an American.
I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. I am a patriot, truth seeker, light shiner, an activist. I am a peaceful but fierce protector of my homeland. I am an American.

And just when those that conspire relax, when they are sure that they have exhausted our resources, our energy, our enthusiasm and our spirit, I will bounce back. I will learn relentlessly. I will speak extensively. I will rally exhaustively, I will protest, I will scream, I will stomp my feet. And then I will vote.

Because I am an American.

That can not be given by anyone. It is not theirs to give. It can not be taken by anyone. It is not theirs to take. It can not be awarded. It can not be denied.

I will not stand down. I will not sit quiet. I will not surrender.

I am an American.

"IT'S DEAD, JIM!!!!!!"

Shamnisty goes down in flames!

Reid pulls an Arnold and vows it will be back.
Get a friggin' clue you worthless tool-

Thanks to everyone who did take time to tell these wonks where to stuff it.
But we can't let our guard down...we know now what kind of curious beast we are dealing with.
Next on the agenda....the "Fairness" doctrine
Their revenge for us having the audacity to excercise our RIGHTS!

"But, Sire, the peasants are revolting!"
-"Yes, they certainly are."
(Can't remember what movie that's from.)

Afterglow: I thought Misha would have the best gloating party. I was right ...and he's buying!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

¡Si, Podemos! *

Late reports that the beast may finally die are just their way to get us to shut up and let their phonelines cool down.

Keep hammering at 'em, folks!

(*Loosely translated: Yes, We can do it!)

There's Just Not Enough Rope or Ammo, I Fear...

Did I just hear this right???!!!!

Arlen Specter on the senate floor, yammering about the immigration bill, used the phrase:
"... we will see the will of the Senate prevail..."

The will of the Senate????!!!

The will. of. the Senate???!!!!!!!!!

Of the Senate???!!!!!


Audacious BASTARDS!

Can someone confirm this sound bite please?

From the "Tell me sumpin' I don't know" File:

The Associated Press is using DNC memos to generate "news" about Fred!
Their star reporter, Travis Loller, used to be cozy with the Zapatistas back in the 90's and actually got deported from Mexico as a result.
(To be fair, I guess we all have done some really stupid things in our youth; I was never deported from anywhere, let alone an entire country, but I was just an underachiever, I reckon.)

The figure of 760,000 bucks Fred! is said to have earned over a 3 year time frame for lobbying is not only old news, but also is chump change compared to some DC hacks.
Jeez, break that down to a per year and that wouldn't even cover Edwards day spa treatments for a week! You'd have to skip the haircut, too, I'm afraid.

Try harder.

At this point, they would have to generate some actual rock solid proof that Fred! is a horrific monster on par with Hannibal Lector before us here Frednecks waver in opinion.
Ooooohhhhh, he was a lobbyist....ooooohhhhhh......scarey...don't you get the insinuation? Don't you know what that means? Oooooooohhhh.
Yeah, we get what it means-

It means y'all are skeered.
And anything with the byline of Loller issued by the AP must be considered suspect.

I always love it when paper trails can be produced to prove how the MSM has become our own special lil' Politburo.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Treasonous Bastards to the Rest of Us: "Let them eat mole'!"

Well, at least now we know who to hang.
Doing the voting Americans won't do.

McCaskill stuck to her guns and voted No. She may be a Dim, but at least she's clever-she can now look good to her ol' school dems back home here in the hills.
Our boy Kit, on the other hand...Jeezuz, someone needs to do an ol' fashion Ozark granny slap on that boy. (Pick me! Pick me!) A good whump upside the head may not be enough, however.

I know it ain't over yet...the fat gal is just now squeezing into her costume and warming up. This still could die a merciful death. But right now I'm feeling purty damn nauseaous.
How could they?
Why would they?
Doesn't this country mean ANYTHING to these sumbitches?

It's tough to find a bright spot in all this.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gallup: "Worst Congress...EVER!" (14% Approval)

"PRINCETON, NJ -- The percentage of Americans with a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in Congress is at 14%, the lowest in Gallup's history of this measure -- and the lowest of any of the 16 institutions tested in this year's Confidence in Institutions survey. It is also one of the lowest confidence ratings for any institution tested over the last three decades.

Gallup's annual update on Americans' confidence in institutions shows that confidence ratings are generally down across the board compared with last year. The public's confidence ratings in several institutions, including Congress, are now at all-time low points in Gallup's history of this measure. These low ratings reflect the generally sour mood of the public at this time. " (emphasis mine)

"Sour mood" Heh, that's just the Gallup folks being polite.

Here's a better headline- How about "86% of Americans View Congress with Utter Contempt"?

You gotta hand it to 'em. They've worked hard to achieve that rating.Running an entire country straight into the depths of hell ain't as easy as it looks!
I think we need to reward them for all their efforts. I think Lem's modest proposal is just the thing!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SURVEY SEZ: Fred! in the Lead

Rasmussen's latest poll now says Fred! has Rudy beat by just a whiff!
28% to Rudy's 27%

A related note-just late last week, Fred! spoke at the Missouri Banker's Association's convention up at Lake of the Ozarks. Our local bank prez reports it was awesome and his wife has bruises on her behind from kicking herself for missing it. She left early to take the kids home before the evening speakers were up to bat.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Saturday Evening Bedtime Story

Out of all the stories that I read as a kid, this one was my all time favorite. I've been thinking about it alot lately...must be all the madness swirling about lately.

OK, everyone all tucked in? Brushed your teeth? Alrighty then, here we go...


ONCE upon a time there was a farmer and his wife who had one daughter, and she was courted by a gentleman. Every evening he used to come and see her, and stop to supper at the farmhouse, and the daughter used to be sent down into the cellar to draw the beer for supper.

So one evening she had gone down to draw the beer, and she happened to look up at the ceiling while she was drawing, and she saw a mallet stuck in one of the beams. It must have been there a long, long time, but somehow or other she had never noticed it before, and she began a-think-ing. And she thought it was very dangerous to have that mallet there, for she said to herself: "Suppose him and me was to be married, and we was to have a son, and he was to grow up to be a man, and come down into the cellar to draw the beer, like as I'm doing now, and the mallet was to fall on his head and kill him, what a dreadful thing it would be !" And she put down the candle and the jug, and sat herself down and began a-crying.

Well, they began to wonder upstairs how it was that she was so long drawing the beer, and her mother went down to see after her, and she found her sitting on the settle crying, and the beer running over the floor.

"Why, whatever is the matter ?" said her mother.

"Oh, mother!" says she, "look at that horrid mallet! Suppose we was to be married, and was to have a son, and he was to grow up, and was to come down to the cellar to draw the beer, and the' mallet was to fall on his head and kill him, what a dreadful thing it would be!"

"Dear, dear! what a dreadful thing it would be!" said the mother, and she sat her down beside the daughter and started crying too.

Then after a bit the father began to wonder that they didn't come back, and he went down into the cellar to look after them himself, and there they two sat crying, and the beer running all over the floor.

"Whatever is the matter ?" says he.

"Why," says the mother, "look at that horrid mallet. Just suppose, if our daughter and her sweetheart was to be married, and was to have a son, and he was to grow up, and was to come down into the cellar to draw the beer, and the mallet was to fall on his head and kill him, what a dreadful thing it would be!"

"Dear, dear, dear! so it would!" said the father, and he sat himself down aside of the other two, and started a-crying.

Now the gentleman got tired of stopping up in the kitchen by himself, and at last he went down into the cellar too, to see what they were after; and there they three sat crying side by side,and the beer running all over the floor. And he ran straight and turned the tap. Then he said: "Whatever are you three doing, sitting there crying, and letting the beer run all over the floor ?"

"Oh!" says the father, "look at that horrid mallet! Suppose you and our daughter was to be married, and was to have a son, and he was to grow up, and was to come down into the cellar to draw the beer, and the mallet was to fall on his head and kill him!"

And then they all started crying worse than before. But the gentleman burst out laughing, and reached up and pulled out the mallet, and then he said: "I've traveled many miles, and I never met three such big sillies as you three before; and now I shall start out on my travels again, and when I can find three bigger sillies than you three, then I'll come back and marry your daughter." So he wished them good-by, and started off on his travels, and left them all Crying because the girl had lost her sweetheart.

Well, he set out, and he traveled a long way, and at last he came to a woman's cottage that had some grass growing on the roof. And the woman was trying to get her cow to go up a ladder to the grass, and the poor thing durst not go. So the gentleman asked the woman what she was doing.

"Why, lookye," she said, "look at all that beautiful grass. I'm going to get the cow on to the roof to eat it. She'll be quite safe, for I shall tie a string round her neck, and pass it down the chimney, and tie it to my wrist as I go about the house, so she can't fall off without my knowing it."

"Oh, you poor silly!" said the gentleman, "you should cut the grass and throw it down to the cow!"

But the woman thought it was easier to get the cow up the ladder than to get the grass down, so she pushed her and coaxed her and got her up, and tied a string round her neck, and passed it down the chimney, and fastened it to her own wrist. And the gentleman went on his way, but he hadn't gone far when the cow tumbled off the roof, and hung by the string tied round her neck, and it strangled her. And the weight of
the cow tied to her wrist pulled the woman up the chimney, and she stuck fast half-way and was smothered in the soot.

Well, that was one big silly.

And the gentleman went on and on, and he went to an inn to stop the night, and they were so full at the inn that they had to put him in a double-bedded room, and another traveler was to sleep in the other bed.

The other man was a very pleasant fellow, and they got very friendly together; but in the morning, when they were both getting up, the gentleman was surprised to see the other hang his trousers on the knobs of the chest of drawers and run across the room and try to jump into them, and he tried over and over again, and couldn't manage it;
and the gentleman wondered whatever he was doing it for. At last he stopped and wiped his face with his handkerchief.

"Oh dear," he says, "I do think trousers are the most awkwardest kind of clothes that ever were. I can't think who could have invented such things. It takes me the best part of an hour to get into mine every morning, and I get so hot! How do you manage yours ?"

So the gentleman burst out laughing, and showed him how to put them on; and he was very much obliged to him, and said he never should have thought of doing it that way.

So that was another big silly.

Then the gentleman went on his travels again; and he came to a village, and outside the village there was a pond, and round the pond was a crowd of people. And they had rakes, and brooms, and pitchforks, reaching into the pond; and the gentleman asked what was the matter.

"Why," they say, "matter enough! Moon's tumbled into the pond, and we can't rake her out anyhow!"

So the gentleman burst out laughing, and told them to look up into the sky, and that it was only the shadow in the water. But they wouldn't listen to him, and abused him
shamefully and he got away as quick as he could.

So there were a whole lot of sillies bigger than the three sillies at home.

So the gentleman turned back home again and married the farmer's daughter, and if they didn't live happy for ever after, that's nothing to do with you or me.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Junk Science Study: We LIKE to Pay TAXES!

Some voodoo priests conducted a horrifically flawed test with University of Oregon students and came to the conclusion that paying taxes is a secret pleasure for most all of us!
I link, you decide.

Gee, some folks derive pleasure from smoking meth and beating their kids, too-that don't make it right.

Countdown for when this will be used as fodder for the Dims campaigns in 4...3...2...1....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Fred! and Rudy are now TIED!

Both are sitting at 24% according to the Rasmussen polls.
(for those of you playing at home, McCain and Mitt are both at 11%.)

In a curious result with a different poll, it says that the American public favors the 'Pubs at only 37% and go along with the Dims 45%!

In a related story-last nite the Gallup folks called lil' ol' me! What a blown opportunity- we weren't home.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Your security SUCKS!"

One of the umpteen reasons why I ain't been around much has to do with the unmerciful, ridiculous assinine system that Das Goog has implemented that prevents me from getting into my own blog with alarming frequency.
Back in the good ol' days when ever I wanted to post a comment, I could do it directly from my email-click a link and bingo I was there. Wanted to get to my dashboard or make changes to the template? Simple bookmark link. The command "always remember me" actually worked! Wow.

Now...Christ, you'd think I was applying for social security or something!
A neverending hassle. Either they out and out refuse me and I get the Lost in Space robot bit (Danger! Danger!) or they just play dumb and say "Huuuuhhhhhhhh, gee...uh, we don't recognize this log in name. Are you sure it's right?" And this is WITH the "remember me" command.

Every single time I try to get into my blog since the occupation (i.e. The change to the "new" Blogger) I have to change my password to get in. Every. Single. Time.
Before, I think I changed it once.
We're up to 7 so far.

It's so damn weird, because their system acknowledges my email address as the account to make changes to the password. But yet when I try it normally they say that email doesn't exists.

Oh well...Do no evil and all that good shit, right?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Fred! Said to Be a Lazy Bum by MSM?

I'm amused by all the grumbling going on about Fred! making use of all the technology available to get his campaign going. It began after his immediate video response to Michael Moore and has been building since.

'Oh, he's too laid back and lazy. He's going to rely on the internet rather than go stumping in these podunk towns. He's just phoning it in via YouTube, etc. etc...'

OK, so maybe I was hallucinating when I read all about how "hip and cutting edge and 21st century" all the Donk candidates were back in '06 who were making full use of the power of the innernet tubes to get their message out. Seems to me the media was just peeing their drawers over how innovative and cool that was.
Or was that just on another planet?

Funny. If you're a Lib candidate and you have a myspace page, a hip website and some blogs and bloggers to carry your water and folks to create and upload campaign vids for you to various video outlets to increase your visibility and you're under the age of 45, then you are so internet savvy and in tune with modern society and single handedly changing the way political campaigns are done in America. You're harnessing the 'power of the internet'. We are to stand in awe of your cleverness.

BUT, if you are a Conservative candidate (and an old geezer one at that!-according to them) and you do the same friggin' tactics, well, then you're just a lazy ol' coot who would rather hide behind a keyboard than stump in public and can't be takened seriously.
Just for the record, it seems that Fred! has been making quite a few public apperances as of late.

I'm just glad he's finally got the website up. Now I have an address to send the check to!