Friday, August 31, 2007

Still Around...

Just been left speechless by the unbridled idiocy that has been running rampant as of late.
Plus also, I have been deeply involved in cogitating and researching a business proposition that could effect my future and that of my younguns. And no, it doesn't involve toe tapping in a public bathroom or acting as a money beard for a deep pocket chicom businessman who has no visible means of support.
Speaking of which, I see that the other Hsu has dropped! The weasel turned himself in!
Guess he reckoned 3 hots and a cot in Federal custody was better than the alternative.

Vince Foster was unavailable for comment.

Do not arouse the wrath of the Hillraiser!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Castro Mummified

I'm reluctant to say dead, since we had so many of these dry runs lately, I'll just go with the 'died 6 months ago and is now pickled like Lenin as the regime gets it's collective act in order to quelch any dissent' theory.

But Val at Babalu Blog may think this is the big one. Reports of too much weird shit going on on the island.

And it gives an excuse to put up yet another tacky photoshop. (blatantly swiped from Free Republic, which has a pretty entertaining thread going about this as well.)

Oh and just for good measure, let's throw in the devil one...makes me giggle everytime!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Hurricane Dean Projected Path Update

Here's the latest course predicted by the computer models. It shows an unexpected path not seen before.
The potential devastation is horrific. God help us all.



Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Ain't No Muntions Expert...

But even I can tell this story and pic is pure unadulterated BS!!!

I guess their argument will be, "Well, that's what she said! We're just reporting the claim."

No, y'all are just continuing to be the propaganda outlet you've been in the past, except now you're not even trying to be slick about it.
Jr. high school newspapers do better fact checking than these id'jets.

Hattippo: Hot Air

Monday, August 13, 2007

Horror in Neosho

Well, it's all over the wires now. I'm sure everyone is pretty much up to speed on this.
From my end there has been some new things that have come to light.

One of the victims was the pastor of this little congregation.
The group was using the church as a meeting place for services until a building for them could be found. They weren't connected to the First Congregational church.
It was indeed south pacific folks involved--Samoans, Hawaiians, people from Guam etc.
Don't know how the "hispanic services" fits into that. Media confusion, perhaps?

The gunman made all the kids leave the building first before he went off.

The latest thing is that they say the gunman was recently a suspect in a sexual assault case involving a 14 yr. old girl.

I think we now have a motive. Some witnesses are said to have told the cops that the shooter called them a bunch of liars before he started shooting.

A presser is scheduled for 10:30 am (CT) local tv will cover it. I'll be watching.
Local coverage, via the Springfield News-Leader.

Neosho Chief of Police McCracken appeared nervous and visibly shakened during the press conference. This kinda thing just don't happen in the heart of Mayberry. He seemed to be in shock and didn't really have much to add. He just sleptwalk thru his presentation.

The prosecuting attorney laid out all the charges and gave a nice editorial comment about how this is just another sign of our decline as a civilization.
3 counts murder, 5 counts of armed criminal assualt (I might be wrong on that, I'm working from memory) there will be numerous other charges as the investigation continues.
The sheriff confirmed that the suspect is also a suspect in the sexual assault case.

Actually, the sheriff was more forthcoming with info than the chief was.

He confirmed that the perp shouted that the church members were "liars" and that he did indeed allow any children to flee the building before the mayhem started.
He wouldn't speculate on the relationship with the pastor and the shooter. He said the shooter was NOT a member of that group. (as had been possibly hinted at)
They had no new info on the victims that were still in the hospital.

And just as the sheriff was getting on a roll, answering more in depth questions-the local channels cut away from the presser!! Guess they only alloted 30 minutes air time for it.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

WTR EXCLUSIVE! Ron Paul Express Departure to Iowa

Our sooper sekrit sources have just sent us sooper sekrit footage of Ron Paul and his staff leaving for Iowa from their equally sooper sekrit unnamed Carribean location.

Click, if you dare.
The Twoof is out there!!

That's No Lady, That's My Nanny Goat

TACOMA, Wash. - A man accused of having sex with a goat is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday on a animal cruelty charge. Charging papers say a witness saw 63-year-old Arthur Lawton having sex with a goat May 8th in a barn at Eatonville's Pioneer Farm Museum where he worked.

Lawton said he was trying to milk the goat.

Lawton missed a scheduled arraignment on August 3rd but turned himself in last night to Pierce County sheriff's deputies...

I think the ol' geezer maybe in the clear on this. As a former old goat tender myself, I have many books on raising milk goats and one long out of print tome actually does show an old method for milking goats that involves bending over the animal from behind and reaching under the belly of the goat to grasp the teats. An awkward stance to do such a thing, and of course it looks kinky as hell but it was a method employed back when goats were still half wild and smaller. Modern dairy goats are larger and taller and just about everyone uses the more common way of sitting next to the animal and milking them in a way akin to hand milking a cow.
Someone unfamiliar with the ancient way could very well be alarmed and shocked if they encountered it.
Of course, if there was no bucket and the guys drawers were undone...then he's just a sick, dirty old man.

Friday, August 10, 2007


The Jawas have an exclusive peek at the Ron Paul Express rolling to Iowa.

My Kinda Gal

This is news?
Sounds like just another day 'round these parts...

CHESHIRE, Conn. - "A woman killed a raccoon with her bare hands Thursday when the animal attacked a young boy. Officials with Cheshire animal control say the woman was walking in the woods around 11 a.m. with a group of children when the animal bit the 5-year-old son of a friend.

She pulled the raccoon off the child, told the children to run home and strangled the animal, authorities said.

"She had the presence of mind to choke it," animal control officer April Leiler told the Record-Journal of Meriden. "She is one tough lady."

The carcass was taken to a state laboratory in Hartford where it tested positive for rabies.

The woman and the boy are undergoing rabies treatment. Their names have not been released."

Of course, 'round these parts, one never goes into the woods without at least a lil' .22 for exactly the reason in the story. Strangling is a bit dramatic. But I can totally understand. I would have been pissed beyond all reason, too and had done the same if unarmed...of course I would have tried the 'big rock to the head' method first, maybe. Rabid raccoons can be pretty tough customers, their diseased brains don't know when to tell the rest of the body it's dead. I once shot a rabid raccoon, point blank into the skull-twice- and the damn thing kept going for about 20 minutes afterwards, still circling and snarling as if it hadn't been shot. Very weird and disturbing to observe.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Quote of the Day....Heck, let's make it quote of THE WEEK!

Elizabeth Edwards on hubby's campaign obstacles:
"We can't make John black, we can't make him a woman."

Man...some days the jokes just write themselves.

Hilldebeast vs. Jeri...No contest!

A recent story in the Conservative Post blog calls the MSM chickens for picking on Fred!'s old lady.
Being hard pressed to find anything that'll stick to Fred! they've shifted their attention to the lovely wifey. Tacky in most polite societies, but this is politics we're talking about and Jeri's no babe in the woods when it comes to that (sorry for the pun.) She knows she'll be under the microscope just as much as hubby Fred! and probably the attacks will get even more harsh. Afterall, look at her! Just her mere presence alone is enough to piss 'em off, whether be male or female.
Jealous, much?

So how come Jeri is a conniving, gold digging bimbo- the alledged brains behind the operation just scheming to get a dab of some of that power she is orchestrating for her geezer hubby and yet, when Hilly did the same thing just about for her darling Bubba, soon to be Frat Boy in Chief, she was later heralded as "The smartest woman in the world"?

Jeri best be uglying up some come September. A bad hair-do and some dowdy duds would make her a veritable genius if you follow their mind set.

Ahhh, Jeez...Here We Go Again!

From the fine folks at Babalublog, who keep an ear to the tropic worker's paradise:

Nuevo Accion, an online anti-castro newspaper is reporting that fidel castro is on his deathbed.

The report claims that the moribund dictator is in a "terminal phase" of his illness and those closest to him are aware that he is in his final days despite the fact that doctors are trying to prolong his life.

The report further states that fidel had been previously moved from the Cimeq hospital where had been staying to a government "protocol" house near the Spanish Ambassador's house because his official residence is a 2 story house and fidel had been in no condition to climb stairs. But fidel was urgently moved back to the Cimeq hospital when his health suddenly deteriorated.

Nuevo Accion claims that this is not a rumor but the latest news from a reliable source close to the situation. The source reports that members of fidel's personal security team have been reassigned to other units.

Nuevo Accion also reports that in the mid and lower command structure it is being speculated that fidel is "clinically dead" but being kept alive by machines while his "heirs" determine the right time to disconnect him and make the announcement.

One can only hope that not only are they right, but that castro suffered mightily in his last conscious hours.

Yes indeedy, we can only hope.

Boy, I'd sure like to be in south Florida when the partying starts...assuming that finally the reports are true!
Third time's a charm, they say...

Monday, August 06, 2007

MIA Brother: Update

Ok, so I finally worked up the gumption to call the sheriff's department over in the next county to check on my brother.
The dispatcher gal agreed it did appear fishy and she'd get a deputy out there.

About 40 minutes later the phone rings.
It's my brother.
He's laughing hysterically: "You thought I was DEAD!!!" he howls.


Well, what the hell was I suppose to think?? I ask him and begin to lay out all the evidence, the unanswered emails, the voicemails, the disconnected landline, etc.

He explained that he switched his phone to unlisted and changed the number. Guess he forgot to tell me.
As for the emails, he claims that he hasn't got any from me lately.
(Must be either a problem with his ISP or he's just b.s.-ing.)
He did admit that he had been especially more depressed than usual, hence the lack of contact.

At least he thanked me for being concerned, since he could have got hammered and hit his head or something. (He is prone to binge drinking, one reason I was getting worried.)

Oh gee, you're welcome, bozo.

Jeeeee-zuz Chree-eyist!

A Phone Call I Really Don't Want to Make

I don't mention him here, but I have an older brother.
While I was out having a life he opted to return home and stay with my folks. He cared for them until they both passed.
He recently sold their home in California, as per the directions in the will, and set out to find a place to live.
He traveled about the country and (as I knew he would) settled on a little place in a town near by me. I was the only family he had left...and most of the other extraneous relatives have cut off contact with him. (He is a very difficult person to get along with.)

Anyway, we have been staying in touch via email and phone and once he bought his house we went out to visit and bring the obligatory housewarming gifts. (crockpot, basic kitchen and bath items, etc.)That was July 12th or thereabouts. My last email from him was that Friday (the 13th). He was in good spirits, excited about his new home and community.

Since then...nothing.

I would call, get the machine and leave a message. My emails have been unanswered.
I tried his cell phone. Would get the voicemail.
I wasn't too alarmed. He would go into periodic funks and not talk to anyone. So I waited. By the 1st of the month he would get a hold of me. This has been the pattern, so far.
He hasn't yet.
So last nite I called him again.
The phone has been disconnected.
I'm getting worried now.

I'll have to call the cops over there to do a "well-being check".
I really don't want to because I have a very bad feeling about this.

It sucks to be me right now.
Quite frankly, I'm scared.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

VBS Final Nite: It Takes a Village...

to water bomb a pastor!

On our first nite, our pastor issued a challenge- if the kids would bring a friend and bring our attendance numbers up to over 55, then on the last night after the close, the kids could soak the VBS director with water balloons. (our 1st nite was about 52 kids.)
The next nite, the VBS director, after seeing that the attendance was indeed up, countered with another challenge: If by week's end we have over 60 kids, then not only could they water bomb her, but the pastor as well!

What a delicious incentive to any kid!
And the kids came through...just barely. We had 60 on the nose-close enough- for Friday nite. (We weren't gonna quibble, that number was outstanding for us.)

The staff, (me included) had spent most of the afternoon filling up over 150 water balloons to have on hand.
Friday had been a very hot and humid day and evening- the hottest day that week, so this was perfect.
After the closing time of songs and benediction, we broke out the tubs of water balloons to the squeals of delight from all the kids.
And then it was total and complete mayhem out in the parking lot. I'm reminded of the food-fight scene from "Animal House". Oh, the humanity!

Our VBS director got nailed pretty good, as did our pastor and then, of course, the kids turned on each other and any one within firing range. What a blast!!

All the adults knew in advance, so those not wanting to be bombed, took refuge in the narthex and watched from afar.

I think the most bizarre scene of the evening was when our "Jesus" character, who was still in costume, lobbed a few at the pastor, too.
(Hmmm, nice grouping there, J.C.!!)

It was just a total silly, crazy end to a wonderful week.
If anyone got any decent digital pics of the event I will post them.