Saturday, August 04, 2007

VBS Final Nite: It Takes a Village...

to water bomb a pastor!

On our first nite, our pastor issued a challenge- if the kids would bring a friend and bring our attendance numbers up to over 55, then on the last night after the close, the kids could soak the VBS director with water balloons. (our 1st nite was about 52 kids.)
The next nite, the VBS director, after seeing that the attendance was indeed up, countered with another challenge: If by week's end we have over 60 kids, then not only could they water bomb her, but the pastor as well!

What a delicious incentive to any kid!
And the kids came through...just barely. We had 60 on the nose-close enough- for Friday nite. (We weren't gonna quibble, that number was outstanding for us.)

The staff, (me included) had spent most of the afternoon filling up over 150 water balloons to have on hand.
Friday had been a very hot and humid day and evening- the hottest day that week, so this was perfect.
After the closing time of songs and benediction, we broke out the tubs of water balloons to the squeals of delight from all the kids.
And then it was total and complete mayhem out in the parking lot. I'm reminded of the food-fight scene from "Animal House". Oh, the humanity!

Our VBS director got nailed pretty good, as did our pastor and then, of course, the kids turned on each other and any one within firing range. What a blast!!

All the adults knew in advance, so those not wanting to be bombed, took refuge in the narthex and watched from afar.

I think the most bizarre scene of the evening was when our "Jesus" character, who was still in costume, lobbed a few at the pastor, too.
(Hmmm, nice grouping there, J.C.!!)

It was just a total silly, crazy end to a wonderful week.
If anyone got any decent digital pics of the event I will post them.


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LOL Sounds fantastic!

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