Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lazy Bloggin'

I've got alot on my plate these next few weeks, so I'm coppin' material from other sources. I'll have an update on my own personal melodrama soon. But in the meantime, here's a thing from a dear friend of mine who lives in Iowa. A while back I got her to register for the Freecycle network. It's a national online community where people post stuff to give away, or make request for stuff. The stipulation is that items must be FREE. I'm registered for my area and was so amused and appalled by the postings I started to share them with her, with smartass remarks inserted. She in turn would do the same with postings from her locale. We now have started a new hobby for the both of us.
Here's her latest gleanings from her area.

My daughter fell in love with a cute baby pig and now needs to find a home for a 350 lb hog!! He's a Yorkshire White barrow and is very tame. He loves people and his name is Hoover. She definately will not let him go to someone who wants to just butcher him. She has been keeping him at a friends house and they are moving so can no longer keep him. I can get pictures if you want to see him, just email me.
I promise to love & cherish Hoover... (especially after I take him to the local locker)

Science Diet
This was given to me by my parents for one reason or another however our dogs are used to a different brand so I'm not excited about seeing what happens if I switch them even if only for a few days. Can be picked up in Boone.
Did you find it odd that your parents gave you dog food or that they are trying to set you up for a massive, stinky, farting pack of canines?

I have a box of 2,500 sheets of form-feed printer paper, with the perforations on each side on the north side of Boone, will make great drawing paper for the little ones.
I've been to Boone and don't recall the north side having any perforations on either side

This is a gratefully used hide-a-bed I got from another FreeCycle member. I am too short (and weak) to get it open properly, so I am unsure if it still opens.
It is very heavy and you will need someone to help you move it. It is tan striped and about 6'8"x3'x2'4" (LxWxH). The side arms are high and it is sturdy all around. No tears that I have noticed and it probably needs a good cleaning as we have cats that enjoy sleeping on the side arms and back rest.
So....what does being too short have to do with it & if you've never opened it (properly),how do you really know it's a hide-a-bed??

Offer: Small hula hoop
My daughter has had lots of fun with this but it has gotten to small.
Lots of fun left in it.
Umm, I was not aware that a hula hoop changed sizes and apparently
has a "fun meter"

TAKEN:Lard processed at the Stanhope Locker

OMG!!! Someone got to Hoover before me!!!!!


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