Thursday, July 05, 2007

AlGore the Turd: Son's arrest is 'a private family matter'

NEW YORK (AP) -- Al Gore says he's dealing with his son's arrest in California "as a private family matter."

Al Gore the Third, who is 24, was arrested early yesterday. Sheriff's deputies say he was driving about 100 miles per hour on the San Diego Freeway. They arrested him on suspicion of possessing marijuana and prescription drugs.----

Since when is criminal behavior on PUBLIC roadways a private family matter?

This story will soon become buried, now that Lord Almighty Al, the Omnipresence has asked that it be so.

Watch for interest in Prius to soar now that the public knows that those green machines can ACTUALLY hit 100 mph!!!!! (Who knew?!) That's the best publicity they could possibly hope for! And that is the lemons/lemonade point to take away from this juicey, sorrid little tale.

AlGore will go light on the kid...afterall, at least he was driving 'green'! (Albeit stoned, too.) Gore Forbid if the kid had been driving a Ford Navigator! Al Gore the Third will probably only have to do 3 months in a re-education camp...uh, I mean, rehab!

This is further proof that God indeed has a sense of humor. I mean, afterall, here you are: self-proclaimed Savior of the Universe all set to have a massive worldwide multi-locale concert event which will probably generate a gazillion trillion tons of carbon waste all to promote awareness of Gorebal Warming and conservation of resources. You're already a laughing stock because of this and then, BAM! God and the Fates decide to drive the knife in deeper with your no-goodnik kid getting nailed for drunk driving... in a Prius!!

It's just tooooooo delicious.

Remember kids: "All animals are equal...but some animals are more equal than others."


Blogger The Pagan Temple said...

Prius is a "green auto"? Maybe this is all a weird publicity stunt to show the public how fast a Prius can go, and demonstrate as well a way in which the Gores practice what they preach. Plus, it gives people an opportunity to view the Gores as a cool family. Why, some of them even smoke pot.

7/06/2007 4:46 PM  

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