Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lucky Granny Goes Rippin' Through the Innernettubes!

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - She is a latecomer to the information superhighway, but 75-year-old Sigbritt Lothberg is now cruising the Internet with a dizzying speed. Lothberg's 40 gigabits-per-second fiber-optic connection in Karlstad is believed to be the fastest residential uplink in the world, Karlstad city officials said.

The hook-up was made possible by her egghead geek of a son in the biz. The article explains how it's possible:

The speed is reached using a new modulation technique that allows the sending of data between two routers placed up to 1,240 miles apart, without any transponders in between.
(The rest is here.)

And here I sit, imprisoned to dial-up at a slug sedated 25 Kbps. We will never even get DSL here until sometime late in the 22nd century, if we're lucky.
Now I'm bummed all over again!


Blogger Fish-2 said...

We had DSL on our computers in Vegas and wondered what we would have to accept when we moved to the "out yonder" of south central Kentucky. We were tickled to find a very progressive, cooperatively owned (we're part owner) phone company serving the area. We get cable tv, phone and DSL service for both computers in one package, and it's quite reasonable. It also works wonderfully. We lucked out.

It's a far cry from granny's lightning speed, but then I can't keep up with lightning anyway.

7/23/2007 9:22 AM  

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