Friday, August 10, 2007

My Kinda Gal

This is news?
Sounds like just another day 'round these parts...

CHESHIRE, Conn. - "A woman killed a raccoon with her bare hands Thursday when the animal attacked a young boy. Officials with Cheshire animal control say the woman was walking in the woods around 11 a.m. with a group of children when the animal bit the 5-year-old son of a friend.

She pulled the raccoon off the child, told the children to run home and strangled the animal, authorities said.

"She had the presence of mind to choke it," animal control officer April Leiler told the Record-Journal of Meriden. "She is one tough lady."

The carcass was taken to a state laboratory in Hartford where it tested positive for rabies.

The woman and the boy are undergoing rabies treatment. Their names have not been released."

Of course, 'round these parts, one never goes into the woods without at least a lil' .22 for exactly the reason in the story. Strangling is a bit dramatic. But I can totally understand. I would have been pissed beyond all reason, too and had done the same if unarmed...of course I would have tried the 'big rock to the head' method first, maybe. Rabid raccoons can be pretty tough customers, their diseased brains don't know when to tell the rest of the body it's dead. I once shot a rabid raccoon, point blank into the skull-twice- and the damn thing kept going for about 20 minutes afterwards, still circling and snarling as if it hadn't been shot. Very weird and disturbing to observe.


Blogger Fish-2 said...

I never go into the woods around the house without at least the 9mm on my hip. I've seen some rapid animals and rabbit animals, but no rabid ones. I've not had any problems but we do have a pretty good sized pack of coyotes near, bears have been sighted, bobcats, cougars, copperheads and rednecks.

8/10/2007 9:03 AM  
Blogger Lemuel Calhoon said...


Next time use a .45, they don't stay on their feet after getting brain-shot with one of those even if they're sick.

8/11/2007 2:47 PM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

I know my dinky .22 is just a pea shooter to you guys, but that's the size I'm accustomed and comfortable with. Virtually no kick to speak of, but it does get the job done when necessary. I know...I'm such a sissy girl!
Actually, I was suppose to take custody of my Dad's service .45 when he passed- but that's a long story. And that's about the only other handgun I would consider ever using.
But my Taurus .22 has served me well for over 15 years, can't complain. Best Christmas gift I ever got actually.

8/11/2007 8:50 PM  

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