Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ahhh, Jeez...Here We Go Again!

From the fine folks at Babalublog, who keep an ear to the tropic worker's paradise:

Nuevo Accion, an online anti-castro newspaper is reporting that fidel castro is on his deathbed.

The report claims that the moribund dictator is in a "terminal phase" of his illness and those closest to him are aware that he is in his final days despite the fact that doctors are trying to prolong his life.

The report further states that fidel had been previously moved from the Cimeq hospital where had been staying to a government "protocol" house near the Spanish Ambassador's house because his official residence is a 2 story house and fidel had been in no condition to climb stairs. But fidel was urgently moved back to the Cimeq hospital when his health suddenly deteriorated.

Nuevo Accion claims that this is not a rumor but the latest news from a reliable source close to the situation. The source reports that members of fidel's personal security team have been reassigned to other units.

Nuevo Accion also reports that in the mid and lower command structure it is being speculated that fidel is "clinically dead" but being kept alive by machines while his "heirs" determine the right time to disconnect him and make the announcement.

One can only hope that not only are they right, but that castro suffered mightily in his last conscious hours.

Yes indeedy, we can only hope.

Boy, I'd sure like to be in south Florida when the partying starts...assuming that finally the reports are true!
Third time's a charm, they say...


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