Monday, August 13, 2007

Horror in Neosho

Well, it's all over the wires now. I'm sure everyone is pretty much up to speed on this.
From my end there has been some new things that have come to light.

One of the victims was the pastor of this little congregation.
The group was using the church as a meeting place for services until a building for them could be found. They weren't connected to the First Congregational church.
It was indeed south pacific folks involved--Samoans, Hawaiians, people from Guam etc.
Don't know how the "hispanic services" fits into that. Media confusion, perhaps?

The gunman made all the kids leave the building first before he went off.

The latest thing is that they say the gunman was recently a suspect in a sexual assault case involving a 14 yr. old girl.

I think we now have a motive. Some witnesses are said to have told the cops that the shooter called them a bunch of liars before he started shooting.

A presser is scheduled for 10:30 am (CT) local tv will cover it. I'll be watching.
Local coverage, via the Springfield News-Leader.

Neosho Chief of Police McCracken appeared nervous and visibly shakened during the press conference. This kinda thing just don't happen in the heart of Mayberry. He seemed to be in shock and didn't really have much to add. He just sleptwalk thru his presentation.

The prosecuting attorney laid out all the charges and gave a nice editorial comment about how this is just another sign of our decline as a civilization.
3 counts murder, 5 counts of armed criminal assualt (I might be wrong on that, I'm working from memory) there will be numerous other charges as the investigation continues.
The sheriff confirmed that the suspect is also a suspect in the sexual assault case.

Actually, the sheriff was more forthcoming with info than the chief was.

He confirmed that the perp shouted that the church members were "liars" and that he did indeed allow any children to flee the building before the mayhem started.
He wouldn't speculate on the relationship with the pastor and the shooter. He said the shooter was NOT a member of that group. (as had been possibly hinted at)
They had no new info on the victims that were still in the hospital.

And just as the sheriff was getting on a roll, answering more in depth questions-the local channels cut away from the presser!! Guess they only alloted 30 minutes air time for it.


Blogger Fish-2 said...

AND...we'll hear a few idiots screaming for better gun control. If guns and ammunition were 100% illegal in this country, does anyone think we would have a better chance of keeping them out of the hands of criminals, than we do of keeping the illegal drug trade out of the U.S.? The world has always had vile people, mass murderers. The gun is just one tool. He could just as easily have created a home made bomb that would have killed everyone in the building. Now consider this. What if the church members all had concealed carry permits and all had a gun tucked away? At least they wouldn't have been sheep before the slaughter.

8/13/2007 4:21 PM  

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