Friday, July 11, 2008

Thinking Like a Democrat

I've been pretty busy with my other project as of late. (see here.) Now that I am a a full fledged evil capitalist exploiting the hardship of my fellow rural citizens I really don't have much time to vent or make snarky remarks about the current state of this nation here. But I do have some time to think about it and lately what has been niggling at my noggin is this ridiculous mantra by the Dems that we "can't drill ourselves out of this mess". (Oh, and is it ok to say "niggling", still?...I haven't seen any memos from the pure thoughts squad lately. Must have got lost in the mail.)

Anyway, I got to thinking how asinine that statement is and what would have happened if other Americans in the past had took that defeatist attitude. Here's what I've come up with so far-

Thomas Edison: " Geez, I dunno, I've tried about a dozen different filament coatings and every one has failed. To hit upon the right combination is going to take too much time. It could take years to get this stupid incandescent light concept off the ground! Hmmph! Maybe we should just concentrate on improving whale oil...This is just too hard!"
( Edison and his team tried over 6,000 different substances for filament and coatings before hitting upon the right combination that would make his light bulb practical and financially feasible.)

Charles Lindberg: "Yeah, right- Fly across the Atlantic?! Oh sure, I bet I could do it, but what would be the point? Besides, that's a pretty long stretch to fly over water, it's dangerous! All that time, effort, money and risk- for what?! No thanks. Besides, I hear that the shipyards are coming up with more efficient ships to cross the Atlantic- that's where the future is!" (Lindberg's historic and daring flight across the Atlantic ocean to France opened up the possibilities of trans-Atlantic flight and commerce.)

Levi Strauss: " So they found gold in California? That's nice. I'd go, but the trip is just too much! No safe roads, all manner of hazards along the way. It would take months to get there! By the time I got out there, it'd all be mined out anyway, they say there's only so much gold in the soil there, it won't last. Besides, what possible opportunities could there be for me out there? I'm a tailor!" (Strauss did indeed go to California to try his hand at gold mining and while there developed a style of trousers that would withstand the rigors of the job that became a hit with the other gold miners.)

President Kennedy: "We will choose not to go to the moon. We will not go to the moon in this decade or even attempt to do any other great thing because they are hard, experts tell me it would take almost 10 years to achieve a successful manned moon launch. A decade is a long time to to wait for any payoff. This nation can't afford it." (Of course, the irony here is that Kennedy was the darling of the Democrat party...back then. AND we had men on the moon with a year to spare!)

An anonymous NASA tech : "Hey, the President said it can't be done! Screw this noise, I'm packing up my slide rule and going fishing!"

The Founding Fathers: "Although we all agree it's a bummer to be what amounts to being slaves to King George, we all also agree to even attempt to tell him where to get off is too risky. We could be killed for that kinda crazy talk! We have too much to lose. We can put up with it. Besides, does anyone here have any idea how to create a new country?! Egads, boys! The logistics are just staggering! It would take years and who knows how many lives to pull this off. Nope. Not gonna do it. A revolution won't get us out of this mess."

Of course there are many more examples, feel free to post yours!

I mean, to me it's a no-brainer. Becoming energy independent for us would have untold benefits- think of the thousands upon thousands of jobs generated by increased oil production, refinery construction, etc. The effect on this (intentionally contrived) slumping economy would be incredible. And it wouldn't be short term. Our security would benefit, in that we would no longer be at the mercy of the petty whims of OPEC. I honestly can't see any downside to this. Yes, we CAN drill ourselves out of this mess. But unfortunately, thinking like a Democrat has taken hold in this country.
The Democrat Party mascot, the donkey, must be Eeyore. Gawd nose, they are all acting like him! Doom, gloom and defeatism!


Blogger The Pagan Temple said...

A southern black slave on the idea of running away to go north on the "underground railroad".

"Naw, that would be too dangerous, we might get caught and punished, and the white people up north probably wouldn't treat us any better in the long run. Let's just stay here and concentrate on being better, harder working and more efficient slaves, and we might eventually get better treatment and more benefits."

Yeah, I know that's kind of lame, but it's the best I can come up with off the top of my head.

7/11/2008 2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sewards Folly
He's buying a polar bear garden!
There's nothing worth buying up there... It will never be a state... nothing up there but icebergs

7/16/2008 1:31 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

There should never have been a moratorium on drilling in the first place.

Even the Republicans failed to see that this was simply a wrong strategy.

I can't forgive my own party for such stupidity.

I just pray the Dimocrats don't get the opportunity to perpetuate the mother of all f*** ups.

7/17/2008 7:50 AM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Amen to that, Greg! I, too will never forgive what my party has done. They have become no better than the Dims.

But I fear these so called "progressive" Dems won't be happy until we are all living out of refrigerator boxes and cutting up old tires for sandals! Didn't we used to hang people for treason?

7/17/2008 2:20 PM  

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