Thursday, May 08, 2008

More Old Store Pics

I've been very busy with my latest project. I've found that's the best way to keep my head from exploding lately.
I'm just overwhelmed with the rampant stupidity nationally and my normal reaction is to just go into ostrich mode for a while, so my brain can process the new insanity that is passing for "normal".

So despite the constant come and go showers yesterday, I set out to capture some more old general stores in the area.

This is the old Noble store and post office, just a stone and a half throw from me. It is said to be the oldest store in the area, older than Souder even and that's a 100 years. It might have Souder beat by a couple of years.

This is one of the newer stores, relatively speaking. The Almartha store. Even though the town of Almartha is old, this building replaces the original store. It's cinder block and I reckon it's from the 40's or thereabouts. (the gas pump, however is from the 60's.)

Another thing I have noticed on my travels snapping pics is that these lil' stores all seem to be approximately 5 to 6 miles apart. The distance one could reasonably walk or go by horseback to and from in a day? Sounds about right.

And just for's my 'moneypit', so far. The sign ain't up yet, still refurbishing that. But it has a fresh coat of paint all around (except for the very tippy top peak, cuz I chickened out-too dang high!) and the old advertising signs I had ordered have been put on. Still need to finish the windows (new glass and glazing) and don't even get me started about the inside! But, it's coming along.
This was a color pic, I made a copy in black n white, to go along with the other pics in this post.


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