Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Celebrating Earth Day in the Ozarks

My goodness, this "holy day" crept up on me!
My plans for the day include some much needed "spring cleaning" around the grounds in the form of trash disposal. Out here in the 3rd notch of the Bible Belt leaves us with few options for ridding ourselves of trash. We don't have any trash pick up to speak of, no company will come out to leave and/or empty any dumpsters-that's how remote we are. So us locals usually employ one of 3 options, sometimes combining them depending on the situation and amount.

Option 1) Just pile it all up and burn it (weather permitting)

Option 2) Dig a pit and bury it on your property. (this option is for those who have access to a bobcat or other type of entrenching rig, since the ground around here is near impossible to hand dig.)

Option 3) Load up the pick up and dump the stuff on a remote patch of ground somewheres on your property.

I'm going for Option 1 today, since the breezes will be mild and the humidity high, the bonfire will be more easy to keep in check. I have all manner of accumulated 'big trash' to be rid of. An old mattress, a bus seat (don't ask) and various debris from a recent remodel of the old store building. A bag or 2 of just household trash will be tossed in for good measure.

Hey, Al baby, Gotta light?

Thanks, man.

So, How will the other citizens of the Hillbilly Ecosystem be celebrating this most sacred and holy occasions??


Blogger Fish-2 said...

Earthday hunh? Is that some sort of environmentalist celebration where they go around telling people not to burn, bury or pile up their trash?

I celebrate Earthday the same way I celebrate Bennedict Arnold's birthday. I don't.

Today I fed a gaggle of birds, fed a stray cat, watched a fox come up and rummage through the garbage pit where table left-overs get tossed. I also took my granddaughter to the high school to catch a bus with her fellow classmates for their senior trip. Oh, I lazed on the back porch over coffee this morning.

4/22/2008 11:21 PM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Fish, that sounds like a fine and dandy way to "celebrate"!
In other words, just another day in 'fly-over' country.
Ideally, I would have preferred a public pilloring of a shrieking environazi, but that's just me. And luckily, those kind are scarce around these parts anyway.
If Mama Gaia can handle a massive earth farts of volcanoes now and then, my lil' flaming trash heap wasn't squat to her. And it left my 'environment' nice and tidy!

4/23/2008 7:18 AM  

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