Friday, February 03, 2006

Battle of the Titans : FlowBee vs. RoboCut

I need a haircut.
But I'm getting tired of the hassel of going to town and getting yet another bad haircut.
I could get a bad haircut at home and save myself about 15 bucks (not including gas $.)
So I went Yahooing to look up any haircut tips. (I'm boycotting Google...never did like them anyway, but don't get me started...)
In the midst of my search I got sidetracked.
Wow...they still make and sell Flowbees?
You remember the Flowbee, dontcha? That stalwart of late night infomercials from the 80's?
That hideously bizarre contraption that you hooked up to your vacuum cleaner and would give you a "professional stylists" cut like magic.
It's still around and they have gone 21st century by having their own website.
Sadly, the site looks as if it was made on a Commodore 64. Like the product it sells, it too, is hideously bizarre.

While engrossed in the delightful badness of this site I read some subtle jabs at another competing product- the Robo Cut. Naturally, this piqued my curiousity. I had to go look at their site as well.
They may be competitors but they clearly must use the same web designer. This was worse than the other site!
Just for fun, try this side by side comparison:
Go here
and then open another window and go here.
Compare the 2. Spooky ain't it? Both insanely bad in so many of the same ways.
And both use very awkward looking "models" to show off the product. Like these folks here:

Anyway, I totally forgot about my original mission and got lost in the peculiar world of these 2 products. After reading the Flowbee site, I got the feeling they really had a grudge for the RoboCut folks. But then after perusing the RoboCut site I saw that they sell Flowbees ! Hey? Whut up wit' that? I could not figure out what was going on here. The Robo site said they are not affliated with the makers of Flowbee and the Flowbee site had it in for Robo...a weird sort of sibling rivalry.
It was all very confusing and odd.
...and I still haven't figured out how to cut my own hair.


Blogger Benny said...

I love the comment about both the sites been made on a Commodore 64. Its now 2009 and the sites still look just as you described them.
I do free hair cuts for some of our visitors at the Slavos, and are considering thrying one out. I still dont know whick one.

Your artical was good.


2/15/2009 4:29 AM  

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