Monday, March 27, 2006

Favorite Scene in "24"

Well, gosh darnit, there were so many tonight.
The teaser from last week with Audrey the Anorexic didn't pan out-but we kinda knew that would happen. Drats!
Then we got to see Jack get tazered. The powers that be at CTU knew he needed a nap and have his cell phone recharged.
The natural gas station blowing up was cool which of course led to this weeks cliffhanger: Did Jack survive? Duh.

Naw, strangely enough, my favorite tonite was the look Chloe gave new the replacement chick after she had made the "...see how he rubbed my shoulder?" comment.
It was as if she was thinking "Jeez, girl, you're more whacked than I am!" It was a priceless glare that only Chloe can pull off.
Chloe's verbal smack down of the HS wonk was a close second.

The smoochy-woochy all is forgiven sobby scene with Jack' n' the Anorexic made me just a bit ill.
As does the mental image of her and Walt doing some major, uh, debriefing, off the clock, at some no tell motel. A tawdry little fact revealed tonight.
Christ, that'll give me nightmares for sure...


Blogger Lemuel Calhoon said...

Just one quibble.

It was a stun gun, not a Taser. A stun gun is a device that you hold in your hand and press against your victim. You press the trigger and an electrical charge is sent into the victim's body.

A Taser (this is a brand name) is a pistol-shapped device which fires two prongs which imbed themselves into the victim. The prongs are connected to the Taser by thin wires which spool out behind it. When you pull the trigger an electrical charge goes down the wires, through the prongs and into the victim.

Sorry for the rant, its a "gun person" thing.

3/28/2006 9:08 AM  
Blogger Lemuel Calhoon said...

Also, stun guns are generally useless. I've used them breaking up fights in bars and they are just as likely to make the person mad as to knock him down.

I get sick of seeing them shown in movies and TV shows working like a phaser set on heavy stun.

3/28/2006 9:10 AM  
Blogger white trash republican said...


I appreciate pointing out the distinction twixt the 2, but in the civilian world, the word 'taser', nowadays has become like Kleenex.
How many people actually say : Hey, you don't happen to have a 'facial tissue' on ya, do you?
Nope, they ask for a Kleenex.

Same kinda thing. Regardless of the mechanics of the device, (and yes I know true Tasers fling out those wires and I shoulda knowed better,)the fact remains that he did get zapped with an electrical charge. However, your correction is duly noted for the record. : )
Actually, it's a credit to the Taser folks that their gizmo's name has worked it's way into the cultural venacular for any device that subdues with electricity.
'Round these parts a 'stun gun' means one of those concussive charge gizmos for knocking out cattle. Not an electrical thingy. So there's a regional misunderstanding as well.It would have never occured to me to use 'stun gun' because it means something different here. So I went with an easily recognized word that is associated with getting zapped.
But I understand your ire and I apologize for that gaff...and rants are welcomed here-I learnt sumpin' new today!

3/28/2006 9:34 AM  

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