Sunday, February 05, 2006

Small Mans Disease

...speaking of nutzo Middle Eastern men- I've got that yutz running Iran pegged now.
Got him all figured out.
There has been more footage of him lately on the tube since he's hellbent for totally global distruction, clips of him walking amongst his co-horts and other public apperances and now it's all wonderfully clear : he's short!
Everyone seen with him in these clips are easily a full head or so taller than him.
What we have here is a clear cut case of "Small Mans Disease".

SMD is a phrase that my late husband and I coined several years ago, after a long protracted dispute with his then boss. The guy was barely 5 foot 5 with cowboy boots on. And he was a complete insuffable ass. Full of his self importance and with a massive chip on his shoulder (or was that his head?) He was 'right' and everyone else was wrong and that's just how it was. How dare you question his intelligence?
However, he did eventually see the error of his ways through intimidation...just simply be the bigger bully and he caved like a house of cards.

This guy in Iran is just like him. Small Mans Disease, plain and simple.
He so fits the mold it's not even funny. Hitler was a short,twisted loser too, just for the record.
And both are/were bullies, hiding their inadequacies with power.
It's simple...we just have to be the bigger bully in this and the poor dumb bastard will go crying home to mommy...after soiling himself, of course.


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