Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lofty Ambitions

On a local radio station out here they sometimes have these spots highlighting our schools, particularly the elementarys. These will feature select students of certain grades reading, in their own words, whatever the topic is. It's mainly to showcase what they're currently learning and besides, the kids get a kick out of hearing themselves on the radio. It's always cute and unintentionally funny.

Most of the kids you can tell are uncomfortable about being recorded and some take great pains to carefully, slowly read aloud what they wrote-so much so that they will even enunciate the '-ing' endings on words, something that is, for the most part, a physical impossibilty for most of us in this region. You hear shy hesistation, minor verbal flubs, but it's ok, cuz they're just kids.

Today the topic was "Setting Goals" Miz Jackson's 4th grade class. One little boy obviously didn't get the subject : "I think setting goals means to read a lot of books!"
(well, that's a start, Jimmy.)

Then there was this lil' darling: " To me, setting goals means to always do your best in whatever you do."
( no, honey, I think that's part of the Girl Scout pledge.)

Anyway, about 8 or so kids spoke, some you could tell had a pretty good grip on the topic.

They saved the best for last. It was another little girl:
" Setting goals means to plan for what you'll be when you get older. Like a teacher, a policeman or (pause)... a Walmart cashier. Thank You."


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