Monday, April 03, 2006

OMG! Not the "Unit Wide Backslash Protocol"!

I gotta admit, that phrase was over the top, even for "24". That command uttered by Helga the SS matron from Homeland Security, from atop her perch on the 2nd level catwalk at CTU almost garnered a favorite scene tonite, but it was too short. It does get an honorable mention.
Ok, favorite scenes tonite:
Jack emerging from the smokey ruins, nicely backlit, toting Vlad over his shoulder like a sack of taters. ('Hey! Will someone get this crispy half dead guy offa me? I gotta go make a phone call!') The hero and triumphant revenger all in one. C'mon, was there any doubt that he would survive this one? Oh, ye of little Jack faith!

Jack makes the aforementioned call and admits, outloud, in front of God and everyone that he's "scared" concerning just where all this is leading to. For a brief moment he actually reveals that emotion facially. Oh Crap, if Jack sez he's scared...we're doomed, no doubt about it! Start checking evacuation routes out of the cities, pack a Go bag...we're screwed!

But the best, kiddies, was the last minute reveal.The usual camera sneaking up on the guy technique. Seeing glimpses from behind as this guy is talking away on the phone,reaming his head henchman a new one over their evil plot that Jack has managed to put a well placed monkey wrench into. Slowly in the typical suspense fashion,the camera creeps in closer.This guy's the Mister Big, the mastermind behind it all, the ee-vel one, Satan incarnate. The camera sweeps around and now we can see HIM...
Pres. Loopner???!!!!
Whoa, I sooo did not see that coming up the creek!
The spineless jell-o mold thing was just an act.Oh my! Where will this lead?


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