Sunday, April 02, 2006

Speaking of Things for Dogs

I was humorously reminded today that I really need to fix the dog door.
It had gotten messed up (i.e. just plain ripped apart) back last fall and since it was in the screen door and since winter was coming on and it was gettin' cooler, the front door would be closed most times, so a screwed up dog door was low on the fix-it priority list. We have 3rd hand rescued dog, a female german shepherd, obtained by some folks who were at their wits end with her who had got her from some well meaning folks who had 'liberated' her from some crappy puppy mill, ad nauseum. In short, this poor hound is a mess. It's takened about well over a year to get her to even act like a dog.
A lot of patience and assurance and time. For dogs, I have that in spades...people? Well, that's another story.
She was the one who went ape on the dog door, not sure why or how, but she did. It's one of those psycho dog kinda things. I've forgiven her of it. Who knows, a twig may have fell from a nearby tree and spooked her. She's like that. A real kid-gloves case.
Anyway, about the door...

It had been a delightful day here, blustery but warm, warm enough to warrant opening up the house, so up went the windows and I opened the front door, leaving just the screen door and the huge gaping hole at the bottom of it where the dog door had been. Thought nothing of it.
The dogs were out in the yard, the kids playing on the porch. I was piddling about the house, measuring some areas for some new stuff I'm thinking of getting-home improvement type stuff.
I hear my eldest say: "Mom! Get out here quick!...LOOK!" She's still on the porch, looking in.
I scurry out of the spare bedroom to see a trio of chickens casually wandering about in the front room!!
Yep, they had just gone through where the dog door had been.

They didn't seem to be the least bit alarmed by my presence and were curiously checking out the Big Hen House, bokking quietly amongst themselves and idley pecking at the laminate floor as they strolled around.
I have to admit, it gave me a well needed big laugh for the day.

I gently shooed them back outside and asked the kids to please keep an eye out for any further tresspassers, if they were going to continue playing on the porch.
I don't want to encourage that sort of thing. We may be white trash, but chickens hanging out in the front room will not be put up with!
We do have some standards here, fercryin'outloud.


Blogger Lemuel Calhoon said...

Don't they know what you do to chickens who cross you?

4/02/2006 10:41 PM  

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