Friday, September 15, 2006

Jim Talent's New Ad

The other day I mentioned the new ad Talent had running that echoes the the ad from Progess for America. The ad is now up on his campaign site.
Although the script is not as dark and blunt, you can sense that this ad is inspired by the P4A ad.

In a related story, McCaskill's people are running an ad featuring an Iraq War vet talking about how he came back from Iraq with a "busted ankle and post-traumatic stress syndrome" and because of Jim Talent (and by association, all those eeeevil Republicans) it was 6 months before he could see a doctor stateside for his conditions.
That ad kinda disgusts me. Not to be flippant, but is a "busted ankle" the best they could do? I know getting an appointment set up at the V.A. can be a pain in the butt, we got our share of vets around here and I've heard the stories. But that ad just grates on me for some reason. Broken ankles and wrists are some of the most difficult bone parts to heal correctly, so if true, I know the dude was hurting and let's not even venture into the whole PTSS thing along with it. But there's just sumpin' that sets off my b.s. meter when I see that ad.


Blogger Connect the Dots 2006 said...

FWIW, the Veteran's Administration has been broken for a long, long time. It's a typical bloated government bureaucracy. Can't blame this on the evil Republicans. Probably more appropriate to blame it on LBJ's great society or lack of proper congressional funding for 30 years.

The new ad "They Want to Kill Us" is now appearing on local television here in Columbus, OH. During a college football game, no less!

Whoever is behind those ads, bravo!

9/17/2006 6:54 AM  

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