Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Progress for America/ Talent Connection

Well, now it all makes sense. A few days ago when those poweful ads began to run in our area by Progress for America, I couldn't imagine why in the world they were just running here in Missouri. Got my answer this morning. Hey, I never claimed to be a real poli-sci genius. (hell, I can't even spell the full phrase...well, I could, iffin you give me a minute or two to think.) A wonkier one than me probably could have connected the dots much more quickly. But dumb, plain ol' me-it had to take a few days and some more info coming out for me to get it.

On the local news this morning, they had a sound bite from one of our local Democrat guys going off about this ad. Well, "going off" is probably too strong a phrase. See, our lefties still have some manners, being bred and raised in hillbilly-ville. We don't get the rabid, bug-eyed perpetually encensed types that one might find in the bigger metro areas. Our moonbats behave and maintain an even keel, although still, what comes out of their mouths is the usual 'crazy talk'. Might be the water. I'm even hesistant to slapped the moonbat title on them- they act mostly from what I've seen like the old school Dems of the 70's, before the new brand of Kool Aid came out. Good loud dissent, but not out and out treasonist, socialist ranting. Can't say the same for their St. Louis and Kansas City brethern- now those guys are standard issue whacked.

Anyhow, this cat was saying that these ads are tied into the heated senate race twixt our boy, Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill. That Jim intends to shift his campaign to be more in line with these ads, focusing on national security. In short, the guy said that Talent wants to scare us into voting for him for senator. And you know how they feel about that! Especially when it's not them scaring the beejeezuz out of the electorate.

OK, Point taken.

Strangely enough, shortly after that piece, what should run but a new Talent ad and sure enough, it did evoke the mood and message of the "These people want to kill us" ads, but not quite as darkly. But the connection was obvious.
This ad is so new that it's not even on Talent's site yet. I was hoping to link to it, so you could see for yourself. If and when they put it up there, I'll be sure to link it. But in the meantime, here's the current ad on the site. I'm only linking it because I found it nice and friendly...this is the Jim Talent I know. It's clearly targetted for us "hill people". Jim campaigns pretty heavily in our region. I imagine I'll be shaking his hand in about 2 weeks when he shows up for our little annual parade & festival, like he always does. As a Ozarks granny would say: "He's a nice feller."


Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Our local Dems are fairly sane too. I figure they have to be polite because they're in the minority here in the sticks.

9/13/2006 10:55 AM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

HaHa! I think that factors in with ours too.
St. Louis and K.C. are the only pockets of true hard core loopy loos in this state. The rest of us have some sense left. I anticipate the usual sheenagins come November, St. Louis being the biggest perpetrator. They'll whine about the closing times of the polls, there will be some sort of scandal with the ballots (real or imagined.) and so on.
They're antics at election time have become so predictable it's getting boring!
But also shameful, for the rest of us. Makes our whole great state look like a pack of weasels.

9/15/2006 9:26 AM  

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