Sunday, October 01, 2006

"I'll Take a Dozen, Please!"

Mohammed Bobbleheads!! Better order one before the site gets hacked!

It's already having the desired effect:
"Frank Peters, a professor in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at NYU, warned that a bobblehead Muhammed was "a really bad idea."

"Jews and Christians have gotten used to this kind of thing, but Muslims haven't," he said. "This may not be his intention, but these things have consequences." making a buttload of money-that could be a consequence!

And as for Islamics not being used to "this kinda thing", IT'S HIGH TIME THEY DID!
The rest of us (Jews, Christians, Buddists, the occasional Krishna, and Shintos) have been having to endure mockery far far worse than a friggin' stupid bobblehead doll for thousands of years!!!!

In my opinion, the item is a bit pricey, but that might be just a bit of my envy showing. I predict this will be hotter than the Chia Pet for those last minute Christmas gifts!
File this under "Wished I'd Thought of That!"


Blogger Gayle said...

I hope he makes a bundle off of it! LOL!

10/02/2006 3:43 PM  
Anonymous Jeff Lemmon said...

This guy is a genius. I wonder how long it will take before he is threatened/shot at/family kidnapped?

10/14/2006 1:44 AM  

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