Monday, February 04, 2008

On the Eve of Sooper Dooper, Whamadyne, Extraspectacular Whizbang Tuesday

Lem, at Hillbilly White Trash has some thoughts on what McQueeg would have to say in order to win his vote.
(Bottom line: Liars always lie.)

For what it's worth, Fred! is still on the ballot here in Missouri.
Just after Ron Paul, who has the top spot on the ballot. (Just how is the order determined, I wonder, since it's not alphabetical-by filing date?)

There's also a juicy lil' story starting to float around about McCain's time as a POW. Damning to beat the band, but unfortunately just vague enough on the details to easily be dismissed. Lem picked up on it and when I saw it the other day I gave thought to posting it. If you haven't seen it yet, one of the many places you can find it is here.
We know what McCain's mom thinks about him- but has anyone asked his ex-wife to opine?

"...But McCain was making bold career moves on the home front, hotly pursuing a 25-year-old blond from a wealthy Arizona family -- while married. Carol, his wife at the time, had once been quite a babe herself apparently, until a near-fatal car accident (while her husband was in Vietnam) left her 4 inches shorter, overweight and on crutches. The couple had three children, whom Carol cared for alone while her husband was in Vietnamese prisons.

McCain's strategy worked perfectly: After chasing Cindy Hensley around the country for six months, he closed the deal late in the year, had a divorce by February and was married to Hensley shortly thereafter. Bingo! McCain was a candidate for Congress by early 1982, his coffers full, his home in the proper Arizona district purchased.

The story is compelling -- and repellent -- for a lot of reasons. And it raises some familiar questions. We have to wonder why Americans are able to excoriate a presidential candidate (or president) who cheats on his wife but accept one who did the same thing with the concentration and energy of a military strategist. Is it because McCain didn't get caught? Is it because he married his mistress? At this point, after much navel- and penis-gazing, it seems like a moot question, if only for reasons of sheer exhaustion."

(Link- yeah I know it's, but hey, it's still a good story.)
Jeez, Johnny-boy, why didn't you just go out and buy a red Corvette like everyone else? As one of the female gender, I find this to be especially repugnant and this alone speaks-no, screams loudly-of his character.

Now, I never claimed to be an expert, not even the slightest bit bright-I'm just some lout with a keyboard and internet access having some fun here- sometimes serious, most times cynical. I'm a glass-is-half-empty-and-someone-put-a-cigarette-out-in-it type person. So needless to say I'm finding this 'shoving a candidate down our throats' approach by the media suspect.

Have any of you nose holding, shit eatin' grinning I'm voting for McCain types ever wondered why he's the darling of the media?
You, who previously have grumbled and moaned and wailed about the bias of the mainstream media against conservatives, going so far as to say they are all in bed with the socialist agenda and that they are all tools and hate anything right and pure and good and moral, falling just short of claiming that they are all the spawn of Satan, Hisself, now for whatever curious and peculiar reason suddenly decided TO BELIEVE THEM WHEN THEY PROCLAIM MCCAIN AS OUR CANDIDATE????!!!!!
W. The. Fuggety-Fug-Fug???!!!

I for the life of me can't understand that. What the hell is wrong with you people?
Doesn't it strike you just a bit odd? McCain is in like Flynn because he is the one they Dems CAN beat. They want an easy target and gawdnose, he's that to a T. The guy's got more skeletons in his closet than Forest-Lawn.
Besides that, it's a WIN-WIN for the Dems. No matter who wins the big cheese in November, the left agenda will roll on. A McCain win will assure they have a useful idiot in the white house who has his nose so far up their butts it's a wonder any of them can sit down. If he implodes by November (which I confess, would be absolutely delicious to watch) and Mrs. Clinton gets in or Mrs. Obama is picking out the drapery colors, it's all good, by their reckoning.

It comes down to who do want to take the blame for the next 4 years?
The GOP or the Dems?

I, myself, would rather be able to sleep at night knowing I voted my conscience, despite the outcome. I survived the Carter years. And although I'm much older now and will be more affected by any dumbass decisions that hail from Washington that most assuredly will be far worse than the peanut farmer ever dreamed up, I can get through this.
You know, maybe my problem is that I have never, ever watched one episode of American Idol. I guess if I had, this all wouldn't seem so damn weird to me.

I haven't canceled my coach seat reservation on the Handbasket to Hell just yet. I just hope I get a window seat.


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