Friday, February 01, 2008


Ok, since we're on our 2nd snow day here, let's play a little guessing game.
See if you can figure out which site these comments about the Republican Debate the other night came from. No fair scrolling down ahead of yourself!
Here we go:

McCain has particular problems... for the last week, in his speeches and TV appearances, he's started to look and sound tired -- really, really tired. Even his Florida "victory speech" sounded like he would have rather been in bed. If this keeps up, he's in trouble -- so far people are giving him the benefit of the doubt, on his health, but if he continues to look like he's maybe not up to the task of campaigning, it's going to become an issue.

Is it just me. Or does McCain sound like a tired, cranky, mean old man? He's positively gleeful about being mean!

God McCain looks old and sounds like my late grandfather meandering off aimlesly. Can anybody say Bob Dole?

Did anyone see the Straight Talk Express go by? Because all I'm seeing is McCain blow smoke about his record on Bush's tax cuts.

Question to McCain: If your immigration bill came to the floor of the Senate, would you vote for it?
Mr. Weasel Word Express refused to answer the question, twice saying his bill won't come to the floor as a way to avoid the question.

McCain just doesn't have the oomph needed to keep up with Hillary or Barack or any other Democratic candidate. He sits hunched over the table and speaks in a phlegmatic manner that is downright soporific.

Romney Scored with the right. McCain looked like a sociopath. Huckabee sounds like a talking, Basset hound faced Hallmark card. Paul is fun and crazy

So, where did these come from?
Free Republic?
Hot Air's live blogging?
Michelle's live blog thread?
(Insert name of any other conservative blog here) live debate thread?

Oops, so sorry-if you guessed any of those above blogs, you're WRONG! (we have some lovely consolation gifts for you to take home, thanx for playing.)

These comments, along with many more just like them were gleaned from...(are you ready?)


I shitteth thou not.

My God, it is yet another sign of the impending apocalypse...moonbats agreeing with conservatives!!


Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Huckabee sounds like a talking, Basset hound faced Hallmark card.

I wish I'd said that.

2/01/2008 12:04 PM  

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