Monday, January 28, 2008


I dunno about y'all, but I'd say I've easily done more than my fair share lately to tickle the economic weeny of the nation, as an old friend of mine used to say. Quite frankly, I'm tired! All this here stimulating has wore me out!

So far since last October I have poured close to over 20,000 bucks into the economy. I've done my part, I'd say.

Let's see, 1600 bucks for a rebuilt tranny.

A cash purchase of some neighboring property, 10 grand.

Paid off a piddly credit card debt, 1200 bucks.

Paid my property taxes, 585 bucks. (doubled from last year, due to new purchase-they prorated that part, it'll be even bigger next time.)

Oh, and let's not forget Christmas- that hovered around 500 bucks too. My younguns have finally transcended the gap between wanting toys to the more hip teen wants of clothes, dvds and digital gadgetry-which is good because the whole lead paint/China thing would have been problematic. No, they did not get iPods-just iPod knock-offs, because I have a real problem with dropping that much dough on something that could end up in the washer because it's not much bigger than a book of matches and therefor easily overlooked in a jeans pocket.

Hired a local company to put on a new roof on aforementioned new property, 4500 bucks.

No telling how much I have spent in the past 4 months on gas, patronizing a locally owned and operated company. Best guessitmate on that is well over 600 bucks.
And we can't omit groceries! Probably the same there-perhaps less, since it is a totally female household and we tend towards yogurt and salads a lot.

And as we trot into February, I'm estimating I will be dropping about another 7 grand, cash, on contruction costs and new septic system for my little pet project.

Whew! I'm exhausted! Would somebody else please in the Hillbilly Ecosystem pick up the slack next quarter? I need to give my bankbook a rest!

The funny thing is is that I'll probably benefit the least from this latest Washington boondoggle/ handout/ giving back the money that was ours to begin with because I'm considered the poorest of the poor and therefor I do not contribute. HA!


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