Friday, January 18, 2008

There Goes My Dreams of My Own Lil' Empire!

Just read in the local weekly rag about a provision in a state bill passed this summer is going to be repealed!
Tragically, this is the first that I even had heard about it.
Man, that would have been sweet!

This is an excerpt from our state senator's news release:
"Just to give a little background, the “village law” was contained in a large bill passed at the end of last session and allows even a single landowner to create a village that would essentially be independent of county regulations — this includes planning and zoning laws that were previously approved by county residents. In other words, essentially anyone, with relatively little effort, can stake out some property and create a village and, in many respects, make themselves “above the law.” I voted against the bill containing this dangerous provision last session and am working to repeal it this session with Senate Bill 765, which would also disincorporate any “village” incorporated after the bad law was enacted last August."

Mine would have been a benevolent dictatorship and I would comply with local laws, if I saw fit to.
But, I can see where this would have led to abuses by others not so tolerant as I.


Blogger Greg said...

"Dangerous provision" my ass!!

Compliance with local laws would kinda depend on where your village is located.

Dry county? Non compliance!!

Local taxes? Forget it!!

Liberal residents? Lynchin's legal in these parts.

Vis a vis other "minority" interest groups? See my last answer.

1/20/2008 6:04 AM  

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