Thursday, January 17, 2008

Weaslery in the Palmetto State

Well, now we know who the nest of vipers are that Hucker Gantry has thrown his lot in with!
Registered Republicans in South Carolina are being swamped with push-poll calls from a group known as "ccAdvertising" also curiously operating under the name "Free".

These jokers have been in trouble before for the very same thing.

"...And their legal record isn't encouraging. That company has already lost twice in federal court. In 2004, they challenged North Dakota's do-not-call law and lost (they'd made approximately 235,000 calls polling a range of GOP hot-button issues). The company was fined $20,000. And in 2006, they challenged Indiana's do-not-call law and lost (the group made 400,000 calls attacking Rep. Byron Hill (D-IN))." (link)

The South Carolina Attorney General is looking into it, but here the story gets even odder:

"South Carolina has a law against automated phone calls. And the state's attorney general, Henry McMaster, is co-chair of John McCain's state campaign. In a phone interview today, he told me that his office was still gathering information about the calls, but that "I'd advise anybody making automated calls that they should get some legal advice."

Hmmmmmmm. But the AG goes on to add: "It doesn’t make any difference who we’re supporting or not supporting. In my state, everybody knows everybody. It’s a small place. You just have to be ethical and do your job and overlook those kind of things."

M'kay. If you say so, Sport.

If they actually do nail these weasels the penalty could be very steep-to the tune of a grand PER CALL. At the rate they are going making these calls non-stop twixt now and primary time on Saturday it could very well exceed 2 BILLION!
I don't even think God has that kind of pocket change, Elmer.

More on the story with additional links and a vid of a typical call that residents in S.C. are getting can be found here at


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