Monday, January 14, 2008

Local News in Brief

Our U.S. senator and former homegal, Claire McCaskill has endorsed Obama. No big surprize there. Apparently the local media has thought so too, because I can't find anything about it to link to!

The NWS is still (still!) surveying all the storm damage from last Mondays' tornado outbreak. The count as of this morning is at a jaw dropping 30 (thirty!) confirmed tornadoes that ripped through the area exactly a week ago. Unfriggin'real!
Below is a map of the tracks. They mostly were EF 1 and 2's but we had at least a 3. One traveled over 50 miles on the ground. The "freight train effect" of the storms can be clearly seen from the track map, as the tornadoes repeatedly touched down in the same general areas all night long from the cold front stalling along that part of the Ozarks. The closest one to us was in NW Douglas county to the north of us, about 25 miles away. Now do you see why I had anxiously stayed awake all night?!

And now, a brewing local scandal of a civil servant who was multi-tasking: Mayor, Pastor...Pervert!

The mayor of one southwest Missouri town is behind bars tonight, being held on a $50,000 bond.
Collins Mayor Allen Kauffman has been arrested and charged in Newton County with four counts of Enticement of a Child.

The Diamond Police department says the 62-year-old was arrested Thursday as a result of an online, internet investigation that began back in mid-November.
Investigators say a detective, posed as a 13-year-old girl, and was approached by Kauffman online.

Police alledge Kauffman discussed meeting her to take nude photos and to have sex.

The Diamond Police Department says Kauffman is married and serves as a pastor of the Temple Lot Church in Collins.

A court date has not yet been scheduled. (link:KY3)

Sooooo, I guess this means no re-election bid?


Anonymous molehill said...

anyone know this guy's party affiliation? I've found generally when it's a Dem, that detail works it way into the headline... when it is not a Dem (which is all too often) it is not mentioned anywhere in the article (like this guy, who was mayor, former police chief and a pastor: not really a loyal Dem's resume)! Consider the blooper on FoxNews where they listed Mark Foley as a Dem and you see what I mean!

1/26/2008 9:02 AM  

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