Friday, January 04, 2008

There's a Sick Republican Joke There, Somewhere

Boing-Boing reminds us that today is the 105 anniversary of the infamous Edison's public electrocution of an elephant.
You may have seen the grainy, blurry primitive film of the event somewhere in the past. Even now, it's kinda creepy.

But what I find interesting is the crazed comments on Boing-Boing's post condemning Edison, not just for the act but for being a reprehensible human in general.
Hmmmmm, could we have found the REAL reason light bulbs have been banned?
Who knew there was such a hatred for that man?

I wonder if any of those ranters know that Edison was also deaf. So, wouldn't that make him a "protected class" in their world?

Something to ponder: If it wasn't for the development of the sound recorder and the motion picture camera (both Edison creations) would the world have video iPods now?


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