Thursday, January 03, 2008

Third? We'll take it.

As of 11 pm, cst it's still a squeaker for 3rd. But Fred's leading, if only by a couple hundred votes.
Word is that McCain's just about broke and Fred's got a secret stash of mad money for South Carolina.
On to New Hampshire.
Meanwhile, over on the Dark Side- Bubba, the former frat boy in chief is about to endure his longest plane ride EVER.
Obama is the new lib messiah. We'll see how this goes.
And, my, wasn't that Pony oh so silky?

I watched CSPAN's coverage of the caucae, flipping between the Dims and the Reps. At the Repubbie caucae they opened with prayer and some lil' girl singing "God Bless the USA". At the Dim's some blonde gal just stood up and said at the mike, "Let's get this party started."
I thought that was interesting.
I wonder if the Republican side did that cuz they knew the cameras would be there or if it's par for the course. I think the lil' girl singing was added for the occasion. The prayer thing I'm betting is usual.
That's just the way us dumbass, slack jawed conservatives in flyover turf are. We can't help it.

Best line tonight at our house- from my eldest, who was a big fan of Chuck Norris when she was itty bitty (Walker, Texas Ranger) and was unaware that he had thrown in his support of the Huckananny.
Upon seeing him up there with the Huckster during his speech, she shouted in shock:
"What the huck, Chuck??!!!"


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