Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Year, A New Election, A New Feature: "The Snowball List"

After the Rose Parade, which my younguns and I were spared seeing the assaholic hijinks of Cindy & the Pinkies because we wisely opted to watch on HGTV, who had a different vantage point for their cameras rather than NBC and after the ceremonial undressing of the tree for another year I was flipping through the channels trying to find something even mildly amusing to watch. After the parade coverage, TV is more abysmal than usual on New Year's Day and since we don't do football in this house it was looking like we might be better off just shutting it off and putting on some CD's. Ah! But then my dumb self had to flip over to CSPAN. (Yeah, I know-I'm a dork.)
CSPAN was airing a program (previously recorded) from some public access channel in New Hampshire. A kinda "meet the candidates" type program. A Q&A forum for the presidential hopefuls. No, the heavy hitters weren't in attendance, not even the 2nd tiers...or 3rd tiers. This was for the lesser knowns. The ones I have affectionately called The in, their chances for garnering even a handful of votes, if any.

The first up was a quartet of Democratic hopefuls. 3 men and one very old and seemingly disinterested woman, who looked like any moment she was gonna pop out her dentures and deftly pop in back in after scrapping that blob of poppy seed off the upper plate.
I was spellbound. Like a bad wreck on the interstate, I could not look away.
Here, right here in front of me was the essence of the American electorial process in all it's glory. That anyone-anyone, no matter how loopy- with a thousand bucks to pay a filing fee could be a real live candidate and actually get some air time-nationally- to make your platform known. Hey, nevermind that you might be crazier than a craphouse rat, you were a presidential candidate and thus the reporters lobbing the questions at this forum had to treat you with some level of respect and at least act like they took you seriously.

Just wow. Ronpaulio's got nuthin' on these guys!

I had to know more about these people. Luckily, they actually have websites and so a new feature is born here. In the interest of fairness and because, let's face it-most of these cats are uh, rather colorful in their own Walter Mitty-like way we will be highlighting some of the lesser knowns. It's called the Snowball List. It's a chance for you to meet the others who aspire to lead and unite this fractured America.

About every other day or so (or whenever I get to it) I will profile a candidate, using the info gleaned from their website, if available. It just might be a nice diversion to all the hoopla in Iowa and all the other horrible things going on in the world.
Besides...everyone loves a freak show.


Blogger Walker said...

"...that anyone, no matter how loopy, with a thousand bucks for a filing fee may become the Democrat nominee..."

Immortal words! And the essence of the Republican state.

Damn you are good.

1/02/2008 9:42 PM  

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