Saturday, December 29, 2007

Well, there's your problem!

The do-no-evil folks at Google have marked the American Spectator website as EVIL.

I shitteth thou not. Try it yourself and see.

Google American Spectator, or and see what comes up.
Then try 'daily kos', 'huffington post' or ''-just for fun and comparison.

Gee, no bells and whistles or ominous warnings for those sites...what gives?

A little further digging on Goog's help page about malware infected sites gives you this:

This identification is based in part on guidelines set by However, Google uses its own criteria, procedures, and tools to identify sites that host or distribute badware. If you feel your site has been mistakenly identified, or if you make changes to your site so that it no longer hosts or distributes malicious software and you secure your site so that it is no longer vulnerable to the insertion of badware, you can request that your site be reviewed.

Huh! Their own criteria...ahhhh, ain't that cute?! Just like they have their own criteria for spying on you during every minute you're online and selling the dirt to highest bidder. Do no evil, my ass.

This could very well explain why my pc is forever making right turns on the innernettubes! I've got some sort of evilbushhitlercheneyfacistwarmongergreedybastardrethuglican malware embedded on my hard drive!!

Although I'm not over there frequently, I do visit a few times a month to read articles. I'm not aware of any pop-ups or other annoyances there and the side ads all seem to be the usual ones you'd see on any conservative site, so I don't know what gives here. I've never had to clear any malicious 'cookies' from my visits there and my (to the point of near paranoia) frequent malware scans never turn anything up from A.S. But then again, I use Firefox almost exclusively as my browser of choice-don't know if that has anything to do with it and as a rule I never-never click any sidebar ads, no matter where I'm at. If it looks interesting I just right click to find the url and go directly to the site, by passing the google-ad mojo codes worked into the link.

Tin foil hysteria, just simply false positives or evil lefty agenda? (afterall, we ARE talking about a corporation that narc'd on Chinese free-speech activists gladly to their satanic asian overlords.)
You decide.
Me? I ain't too worried about it, but it is weird.

HT: Freep

And speaking of evil...I reckon I better check with the Gematriculator, I'm overdue:

This site is certified 35% EVIL by the Gematriculator

Oh crap! Slipping into darkness...


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