Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hawkeye Caucae

Can someone explain to me why the Dems caucus is akin to some obscure Victorian parlor game with rules as confusing as Yahtze and could, in theory, go on for hours and with the Republican caucus y'all just show up, b.s. for a little bit, take a vote, tally it up and have cake and coffee and go home at a decent hour?

Why such a big difference with how each one is conducted?
One version seems bloated and full of its' own self-importance and the other is just efficient and to the point.

Iffin I lived in Iowa, I most certainly would rather participate in the Republican caucus. Who the hell would want to subject themselves to what amounts to a time-share presentation combined with grade school 'team picking' for hours on end?

Just wondering...


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