Saturday, January 12, 2008

Must be a Kennedy kin...

JANUARY 10--In what may be the most extreme drunk driving case ever, an Oregon woman was arrested last month with a .72 blood alcohol level--nine times the state's legal limit. Terri Comer, 42, was arrested after she was discovered unconscious in her car, which sheriff's deputies found running and in a snow bank on a highway in Klamath County at 11:30 AM on December 28. After breaking a car window, rescuers removed the comatose Comer from her Toyota and transported her to a local hospital, where a blood draw revealed the .72 BAC.

She was reportedly hospitalized for a day before being released. As seen in a police photo, Comer's vehicle came to a stop about 50 feet in front of one of those portable traffic signs reminding motorists not to drink and drive (a close-up of the sign can be seen here). Comer is pictured below in a 2006 mug shot snapped after a prior drunk driving arrest. In that case, her BAC was recorded in the relatively minor .3 range. In November, another Oregon woman, Meagan Harper, was nabbed for drunk driving with an extreme BAC. In her case, Harper's BAC was measured at .55. Comer's .72 edges out what TSG has previously identified as the highest BAC we've ever seen. That fallen record (.69) was held by Willard Ashley III, an Indiana man who was busted in October 2003.

Story and pics mentioned in story are at TheSmokingGun


Blogger Cookie..... said...

For a normal person (not alcoholic), .40 is considered death. I know having worked in the Alcoholism and Substance Abuse field for 12 years, occassionally a person would come into the treatment facility with a BAC of .65 of more...but never as high as this woman's....What an incredible tolerance she has developed over the years.....

Detox for her is going to be a real bitch....

1/12/2008 4:24 PM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Yeah, 'normal person'-
This chick was clearly a pro. As in Olympic magnitude!! I can even fathomed knocking that much booze back in a sitting.

I'm so glad I hung up my semi-pro status years ago.
The detox will probably kill her.

1/14/2008 8:01 AM  

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