Monday, January 14, 2008

I guess it's all relative...

to just what you consider "huge".
The Thompson endorsement by the Human Events WAS the big announcement the other day.
*sigh* I owe my eldest a fiver.
I'm a little was really talked up as a major deal and hinted that it wouldn't be revealed until later that day. The Human Events nod was on the newslines early that MORNING.
I mean, it is significant, but I wouldn't consider it "huge and major". Maybe to the hard-core political junkies, but to us white trash Repubs, all I can say is, "Well, that's nice."

Just in: Well, this might be an endorsement that us white trashers can relate to:
"Jesusland Author Endorses Fred Thompson-
Thompson best candidate for traditional Evangelicals"

The Fredheads have set a new fund raising goal of a cool mil by tonight. They are just about there! It was sitting at about 900,000 when I last looked yesterday evening.
Go flip Fred some gas money, if you haven't already.
And finally, once again Scott Ott comes hilariously thisclose to the truth with his latest about Fred! and the polls. A must read and a good chuckle for the morning:
"Fred Thompson Pulls Out of Presidential Polling"



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