Monday, January 21, 2008

Just Wonderin'

I will freely admit that I don't get around much and that I don't know a whole lot 'bout nothing. (-being the heavily armed recluse that I am and all.)
But can some one/any one please point me to any article from any news source (aside from personal blogs) or an editorial from any major (or minor) newspaper that has stated that Guiliani should drop out of the campaign?
I mean if all these experts are screaming for Fred to quit, then it would reason that by their standards the esteemed former mayor of New York should give up the ghost as well. Perhaps even more so because he has done even more crappier (by their yardstick) than Fred.

I'll wait while you hunt this stuff up.

I'm serious. I'm not being a smart-ass, I really want to see it in print-because I have yet to find anything on my own.
And no, article lines like "risky campaign strategy" and "low on campaign cash" and the like don't count. I want an article that all but declares the Rudy campaign dead in the water and cries for his pulling out.

I'll be around.

Oh, and...This latest article in the Washington Post doesn't count- it paints Rudy in a positive light, as some sort of evil genius for his gambit for Florida. Quite unlike the stories about Fred's S.C. stand that I saw. The closest they get anything really negative is this:
"But should he lose Florida, he could be dismissed quickly as an also-ran, his strategy will be ridiculed and the state's primary winner, especially if it's Mr. McCain, will be well-positioned to build momentum going into Feb. 5, when 21 states hold primaries and caucuses.

Mr. Giuliani is, of course, in the first camp. "I think if we win Florida, we get the nomination — simple as that," he said emphatically."

"...he could be" not "he would be".


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