Monday, January 28, 2008

Dog & Pony Shows Roll into Missouri

Silky will be performing his trademark wholesale victim pandering in Springfield today.
I sweardagawd, if any politician ever used my tale of woe (that is, if I had any!) repeatedly like these jackasses are wont to do, I'd sue.

Elmer's Traveling Salvation Show is scheduled to be in Jeff City tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be stumping down along our way, too. I fear the power of Huck is strong in this region. Just a guess.

Other related campaign news: Our state treasurer, Sarah Steelman has announced her bid for the soon to be vacant Governor's spot. Rumor that Jo Ann Emerson is also considering entering the race. Hot Dog! If true, this'll be amusing. 2 chicks duking it out- guaranteed ugliness. (no word,'s been a looo-ooong 24 hours, hon.)
Stocking up on the popcorn....


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