Saturday, December 24, 2005

Winter Holiday is RACIST !!

I've been busy the past few days, like alot of you. It's that time of year again.
The Season Which Hath No Name. The Holiday Hot Potato.
In other words, Christmas. I've been watching, reading and listening to the rancor and indignity reach fever pitch this year-in between trying fulfill, within reason, my little ones letters to Santa; wrapping and carefully concealing said requests, getting up the gumption to actually get our tree up before Christmas Eve, taking care of general business and fielding calls from all over the country from far flung relatives concerning the recent passing of my mom. Her death was not unexpected, but the timing was awful. But that's for another post which is currently stewing away in the drafts folder. I may post that on Christmas Day...she would like that.
So I've had alot on my mind lately.

This morning a thought occurred to me concerning all the holiday bruhaha. Over the past few years winter and all the things associated with it- namely snowflakes, snow, cold and other winter-like things have become the "safe" icons to use in connection with the end of December.
Schools across the board have replaced "Christmas Break" with "Winter Break". Last year, at our school, under the instruction and guidance of a very p/c music teacher, we parents were treated to a "Winter Program" by our scrubbed face little scholars and budding musical geniuses that could have taken place at any time of the year. That's how vague and "inoffensive" the music selections were. Every song was completely unfamiliar to any of us adults and no doubt unknown to our kids. Some of the choices were supposedly folk songs from other countries and some actually had something to do with winter-emphasis on snow. I think as a whole even though we as parents were tickled to see our little ones perform, we were left somewhat empty. A feeling of "what the heck just happened here?"
This is becoming the norm. Schools are playing up the winter thing, to be safe and not to offend-but therein lies the problem. Just go along with me here, I'll explain.

I contend that this Winterizing is discriminatory to people of non-snow persuasion!!
It's horribly unfair, insensitive and cruel to subject people, especially the children to images and stories and songs about winter and snow and snowflakes when they themselves have never or may at any recent time in the future ever actually see it in real life!
I grew up in Southern California. Did I ever see snow as a child? Hell no! Did I know what a Flexi-flyer was? Did I ever experience the joy of trying to get a snowsuit off in a timely manner in order to relieve myself? Did I know what it was like to get beaned with a well aimed snowball? Had I ever had the exhilaration of sledding? Had I ever gazed at wonder at the mosaic-like intricate patterns of ice on windows? Catch snowflakes with my tongue? A resounding No to all of the above. I never saw snow for real until I was well into my 20's and had moved to a part of the country where that sort of thing occurred. I'm not alone. There are millions of us who are season deprived- a good chunk of deep southern states, especially Florida, everyone in Hawaii, residents of southern California. How tragic and sad it is to subject a child who has never seen snow in their lifetime to actually sing a song about it AND BE HAPPY DOING IT! The mental anguish that poor child must be subjected to is beyond description. Words fail me, but I must continue. This is an issue that must be talked about-brought out into the light. Lives are at stake here, dammit! Think of the children!

These innocents, who had no say in where, geographically, they would be born and raised are now being forced to Think Snow without having first hand knowledge of what that is all about. All they know is that it's suppose to be fun. But their joy is tempered with the knowledge that they, themselves, will never know that joy-Oh, the humanity!
Daily they are subjected to this sadistic mental cruelty by insensitive school boards, media advertising flaunting cheerful scenes of more fortunate ones frolicking in the snow in order to promote whatever product they want to sell this season. Snow is being shoved down their throats and there is no one, no champion, no activist crying out in their defense! This is wrong people! This is discriminatory! I, for one, am boiling with righteous anger about this. How dare they?! Would you force a diabetic to sing songs about how wonderful candy is? Of course not, that would be mean and yet for millions of children and adults this is their hellish reality: They must be happy about snow, they must love snow and yet, they can never HAVE snow.

I urge anyone living in the non-snow areas to contact their school boards, to picket and protest major retail sites in their region who dare sport snowflake decorations and use these wicked icons in their advertising. This madness must stop! We will not remain silent! We are people too-we demand fairness! Why should the east coast and midwest have all the fun? Think of the children!

(Now if you think that was just a bit over the top and ridiculous then my point has been made, my job is done here. Carry on. And on behalf of myself here at The White Trash Republican, I wish all of you and yours a very Merry, fearless Christmas and a wonderful Hanukkah, y'all!!)


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This is absolutly great!


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