Sunday, February 05, 2006

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself!

Blunt and straight to the point.
My favorite internet parody artist, Jay D. Dyson sums up this recent madness quite nicely:

"...Of course, many Muslim apologists insist that the outrage is over "blasphemous" depictions of Mohammed. But that charge rings hollow for one simple reason: if no drawings of Mohammed are ever allowed under Islamic law, then how the hell could any Muslim even recognize a "picture of the prophet" if they saw one? Do they mean to say if I draw a stick figure and put an arrow labelled "Mohammed" pointing at it, then I've broken a sacred Islamic law? What kind of horsecrap is that?

Ultimately, the real tragedy in all this is that the usual spineless "diplomatic" morons are going to take a page from the Neville Chamberlain playbook and seek to appease the Islamists and their fascist Imams by kowtowing to their terrorist demands in the name of "peace." If such a turn of events should come to pass, we have done nothing but sealed our own fate by legitimizing future Islamist terrorist tirades whenever they don't like something.

As Sir Winston Churchill so wisely noted in the 1930s, those who sacrifice honor for peace shall ultimately have neither. "

Amen, Brutha!!
And any quote that mentions my all time best Slinky-spine weeny, Chamberlain gets my vote, everytime.
Read the whole deal. (and check out the 'fresh meat'!)

UPDATE : Here's some more snackage for your noggin. Compliments of zombietime.


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