Monday, February 13, 2006

Just in Case You Ever Wondered...

...if the Islamic world has their equivalent of our "Jesus' face in a tortilla" or "Mary's image on a badly poured concrete floor"-- then we have the answer for you! This just in!

"THOUSANDS of people flocked to southern Egypt today to seek blessing from a calf they believe was born as God's reply to the publication in Europe of cartoons depicting the prophet, police said.

Some 20,000 thousand people had gathered in front of Mohammed Abu Dif's house in the village of Tunis to see the holy mammal, whose skin folds when he was born reportedly formed the words "There is no God but Allah", a police official said on condition of anonymity.

He said the villagers flocked from all over the southern governorate of Sohag to the farmer's house and had to be dispersed by police, who feared the gathering could get out of control.

Witnesses said they believed the calf was "Allah's response to current attacks against Islam", the official said.

He was referring to the publication in a Danish daily five months ago of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, which is banned in Islam."

Of course if ya look at the calf upside down, the skin folds read:"Lay off the fermented dates, Dif!"

And at least the story got the timeline about the initial publication right! Yes, it HAS been 5 (!) months. A fact that I think needs to be constantly reiterated.

(thanks to Free Republic for this gem.)


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