Saturday, March 18, 2006

Big Day for Us

Today was the Girl Scout Spring Fling Day in Branson.
A type of post-cookie sale celebration they do every year. A good excuse for me and the younguns to get out for a good time, since their way was pre-paid and parents got discount tickets.
This year's venue was the Branson Belle.
An obscenely huge steel and iron "steamboat" replica, that disguises the fact that all it is is a huge floating dinner theater. Of course, I took pictures, but Blogger is being dumb as a stump right now and refuses to complete the upload process for pics.
Anyway, the kids had a blast. Mom was amused. The joint was jam packed with little Girl Scouts and their exhausted looking troop leaders and parent chaperones.

We saw this guy and Irving, his talking dog.
He also had a basset in the act, named Elvis.
(btw, creepy headshot on your site, dude!-I mean the human, not the dog.)

The food was awful, as they can be in those places, but the kids didn't care, it was all the pink lemonade you could drink! (meaning mucho pit stops on the way home.)
But that aside, it was fun. We enjoyed the show but the main act (the talking dog) didn't run as long as I expected. It seemed rushed. Like a pared down afternoon version of the full act, which it probably was. But just how the guy got the dogs to talk kept the girls speculating all the way home. Mom had it figured out immediately, the actual mechanics of it are open to debate, however. But I didn't tell them that. Let their imaginations run wild.
My youngest was totally enthralled by the dancers. I see a college gig as a Branson stock dancer in her future.

For some reason we didn't actually cruise, but rather stayed moored to the dock. A major disapointment for all of us. We were told later that it was due to weather conditions on the lake.
It was overcast and breezy with only the slightest threat of rain, so I really can't say if that was the real reason or not.


Blogger Lemuel Calhoon said...

Sounds like fun. What did the dogs say?

3/18/2006 10:17 PM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

It was the usual ventriloquist style bit.Straightman/smartaleck sidekick stuff, let's see, here's a snippet:

Todd: Hey Irving, how come when I throw a stick, you won't get it?

Irving: Maybe I don't want it.

Todd: But maybe I want it.

Irving: Then fetch it youself!

Todd: Y'know, most dogs like to fetch sticks.

Irving: Yeah? So? Most dogs can't talk!

3/18/2006 10:34 PM  

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