Thursday, March 16, 2006

Not Much Will Get Done Today-

The goody boxes arrived yesterday.
While I was out in California a few weeks ago taking care of family biz I had selected the choice family heirlooms and bric a brac that meant something to me and carefully boxed it all up and shipped it out here. Parcel Post. That explains the long time it took to get here.
One of the boxes has my old record albums from my misspent yout. Of course that's the one I ripped into first.
First order of business was to reconnect the turntable to our stereo system.
Then assess the condition of my gems.Almost all of them all still in good shape, considering.
I fired up the stereo, slapped a disc on and now suddenly I'm a kid again, laying on the floor in my old room with my Silvertone portable record player that Dad got me from Monkey Wards, grooving to Magical Mystery Tour. I think that audio memory is one of the strongest in me. Hearing all this again, with all the pops and crackles is moving me to tears.
Damn! I had it good then.
Needless to say, I'm gonna be a mess today...wallowing down Memory Lane. I'm allowed that every now and then.


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