Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Good Thing We Don't Have Them Goldarn Mosskews Here

Since tonight was a light homework load for the youngest and the eldest is snoozing off a fever (Yes, Chicken Pox 2, The Scourge has hit my other youngun.)- I figured I'd get caught up on some blog reading and general goofing off online. There was a comment at the Rot that linked to a series of disturbing articles written by Laura Mansfield, "Jihad in Smalltown America".
In one of the stories she recounts what goes on at a mosque holding their version of Vacation Bible School for the kiddies. She was somehow allowed access for a day, it is not explained how. But anyway, this part creeped me out the most ( it was in part 4) :

"She told the kids how to determine when it was appropriate to shout “Allah Akbar”: in times of great joy, when someone is martyred, or when the Zionists or Kafirs are attacked. She introduced a video, in Arabic, showing scenes from the West Bank, and told the kids to shout “Allah Akbar” when they thought they should.

The kids quickly got the message that when something blew up, or an Israeli soldier was shot that they should shout Allah Akbar. I expressed my concern to Tiffani about children so young being exposed to such violent scenes. Tiffani/Amina assured me that the kids had been watching similar videos since they were two years old, and that they weren’t disturbed in the slightest by them."

OK, that's bad enough.
What is horrifying to me as a Mom is knowing this was a class of 5 and 6 year olds!! Absolutely chilling. I don't think I can complete reading the series...I'm too weirded out right now. But, I do highly recommend it. Excellent read about the inside of the bright and happy religion of peace-right in our backyards. Too bad it's Non-fiction.


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