Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This Just Makes Me Ill

Well, it's finally happened.
After all these years of living here just south of the bellybutton of America, the 3rd notch on the Bible Belt, smack dab on the rockingchair of God's front porch I never thought I'd see'd happen.

Now I'm not some innocent adrift; I realize the educational system everywhere is under attack, been so for decades. Hell, I can clearly recall the socialist claptrap they tried to ram into our lil' ol' naive noggins as a child in Kalipornia. But here it had always been different. This was the land that time forgot. Our schools here were, well, nice. I never once had any doubts or reservations about sending my tykes off to school. I liked the teachers and the staff.
It seemed that they resisted the onslaught. Heck, this past Christmas the school's music program even had genuine Christmas songs in it. The entire 3rd grade sang 'Silent Night'...out public...with all the original English translation verses that had mention of a virgin and a Holy Child, etc.
My kids as well as anyone elses can wear T-shirts from church summer camps to school without a problem.
Writing assignments where a kid might mention going to church or praying were never censored, but put up on the bulletin board alongside others. God and your beliefs was a non-issue here. Just taken for granted.
In short, the school was a reflection of the community it served. Mom, God, the Flag and Apple Pie.
It was Mayberry. It was good.

But I also know that like many other schools, they're strapped for cash. So sometimes they have to bend over and grab the ankles and go for the grant dough where ever they can. For the most part they have made some wise choices-I was particularly impressed a couple years back when some skilled staff member applied for and got a humungo grant that allowed them to put brand spankin' new computers, compliments of Gateway, in just about all of the lower grades at a ratio of 1 computer to 2 students. I can recall seeing that long hallway lined on either side with stacks of those black n white "cow" boxes of computer systems awaiting to be set up-it made me feel proud that even in some nowhere, dirt poor, backwater Hicksville our kids would be getting the skills they'd need for the real 21st century world 'out there'.
Thanks to that, my younguns are even more hip to certain computer programs than I am ("Whatdaya mean we don't have Excel on our computer, Mom?!...oh, I'll just finish this at school! Sheeesh.")

But what I saw yesterday has really ticked me off. The prostitution for grant cash has finally gone too far.

What I saw were posters...nicely framed in black metal frames and mounted all along the hallway. Kinda swanky for our school- if any posters go up they're just slapped up there with some of the sticky gooball stuff or tape. And usually they're from Scholastic Books or homemade jobbers for some upcoming school event. These were slick, these were arty. And all of them were promoting "tolerance".
Oh crap. We all know what that means.
In the corner of each one was a website addy,, so naturally, as soon as I got home I looked it up...I kinda already knew what I'd find.
It's the brainchild of The Southern Poverty Law Center. Oh, double crap! I know these yahoos.
One of the biggest libbie hate groups out there. And I mean 'hate group' as in the ACLU can be considered a hate group...they hate anything that's good n right about America. "Protecting the rights of minorities" is just a front for this bunch.
OK, so what the ragin' blue screaming hell is my school doing hopping in the sack with this crowd? Enquiring minds want to know! Do they even know what they have done? Do they care? I'm gonna have to find out. But in doing so I risk being considered a bigot, a racist or any other ugly thing because that's how it works...afterall, who but only a bigot would be AGAINST 'tolerance', eh? That's where they got you-damned if ya do, damned if ya don't. Oh, this sucks on so many levels it ain't even funny. It just makes me sick that my friends n neighbors on the school board greenlighted this and I bet they didn't even know who they were dealing with.
This is the straw that breaks this camel's back, I'm afraid.

That church academy up the road in the next town is starting to look mighty appealing...


Blogger Cookie..... said...

Don't know how it happened...but I missed this post of yours.....good post you "racist","insensitive","bigoted" "homophobe" "redneck" "white trailer trash" ....So...I'm die'n to know...what happened when you contacted the school board....Cookie

3/30/2006 12:22 PM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Well, Cookie, I knowed how I R and I figured I best let myself sit a day or 2 to collect my emotions. Spoke with my pastor about it last nite and she gave me some pointers on how to approach it and not come off like a right wing kook (like that's a bad thing or sumpin', LOL)
So come Friday,I'll be making a call on the principal. If it's noteworthy, believe me, y'all 'll hear about it.

3/30/2006 1:22 PM  
Anonymous Johnpend said...

My deepest sympathies go out to you. Many of my friends have fled to the Bible Belt states (and left me here in Calif. to fend for myself) to get their kids into schools where the Ten Commandments (not suggestions) are on the wall and the Pledge of Allegiance is said daily (while facing the flag).

We all have to decide which fights are worth fighting, but I think those posters are definitely the camel's nose coming in under the tent-flap.

If the principal won't stop this nonsense, how's about you go in one night and replace those posters with these?

Having seen where the path of "intolerance" and "there are no winners" leads, you might want to run, rather than walk, to that church academy. Best of luck to you.

6/01/2006 10:20 AM  

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