Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dubya Said What...??!!!

I was doing a bit of research for a project my eldest and I have been noodling around with and I found this blog. It's Bolivian, and since I couldn't read a lick of it as it was listed in the search and it had a handy dandy "translate this page" link I went ahead and clicked it.
Oh. My. God.
I'm not too sure exactly where this blog stands politically, not that it matters, but the post has to do with quotes attributed to George Bush. Needless to say, I think something got lost in the translation. I know George sometimes has some trouble with public speaking- but Holy Cow!
Anyhow, it's purty dang funny, here's a few "quotes" to get ya started:

"Is know the human being and fish dog coexist peacefully."

"The War against the terror involves to Saddam Hussein by the nature of Saddam Hussein, the history of Saddam Hussein, and its will to terrify to he himself."

"This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous. And having said that, all options plows on the table."

"I love the idea of to school in which people eats to get educated and stay in the state in which they're educated."

You get the idea. The blog's called "Palazosala Pinata" or something like that. The translated comments are amusing as well. Here's the link for the translated page.
So go on over and visit-heck, maybe even leave the guy a comment!


Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

W is slightly inarticualte but nothing like that. I've seen fake stuff like that before on commie websites trying to make him out to be an idiot.

4/20/2006 6:44 PM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

That might be the case here, but fault lies with the translating program. Either way, it's interesting to me.
The human being and fish dog line almost has a moonbatty feel to it. It makes me giggle.

4/20/2006 6:53 PM  

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