Sunday, April 09, 2006

Interview with the Moonbat

Sean Gleeson has a fun thingy on his blog and though it's old news, it's new to me.
Thought I'd take it for a test drive. Below is my "chat" with a virtual moonbat.

The Iraqui people like Americans, I think.

"Americans"!!!! I reject bombs and division! I believe, George W. Bonzo WANTS the moon for the oil!! Unlike you and Pope Benedict, I am not in love with envy!! Say no to war and superstition!!?

You're smoking crack, aren't you?

Oh, am I!!!!? I reject hatred and meat!!!! Allies, indeed! I reject profits!!!!

Prophets? Like Mohammed?

Mohammed, indeed!!! I believe, Michael Moore's book, "Theft Rules: Guns in the Oil Lobby," should be required reading for Repulsivans!!! Judicial restraint, indeed!!!! Say no to capitalism and death! Say no to our government of the jerks, by the sadists, and for Fox News. Power to the agnostics!!

But I think Shepard Smith is cute, in a Ken doll sorta way.

Your Jewish opinions are beside the point? You just don't get it, do you!!!! When the Rambos say "democracy," they really mean "graft"!!!!

But we're a Representative Republic, there's a difference.

Your Jewish opinions are beside the point? You just don't get it, do you!!!! When the Rambos say "democracy," they really mean "graft"!!!!

Now you're just repeating yourself.

Oh, am I!!!!? When the racists say "no child left behind," they really mean "envy". When they say "Biblical values," of COURSE it is just a code word for "occupation". Smirkelgruber only wants Canada for the oil. IMO. As a Native American, I am revolted!!!! The smirking chimp's War Against Outreach Efforts must end.


POWER to the Puerto Ricans!? What about INCLUSIVITY and bicycle paths for the 58,641 uninsured gays who are short-sheeted in Crawford every single day by our COMMANDER-in-Thief and his reactionary partners in crime!? It's like 1952 all over again!

1952 was a nice year.

Is that what you THINK!!!? Say no to war and fur!!!! Come on!!!!

Are those shoes leather?

What do you mean, "leather"!? If you aren't randy about the fear and bribing of this Boy King, it's obvious you are a REPIMPLICAN!? As a bisexual voter, actually I am crestfallen!! Say no to capitalism!!!

I saw Lion King with my kids...I really enjoyed it.

What do you mean, "enjoyed"!? Tom Ridge is a tool of Halliburton? Federal Marriage Amendment, indeed. Howard Dean's book, "People vs. CONDOLEEZZA Rice: a Tale of Dishonesty," should be required reading for Repulsivans!!! What next!!! Will the murderers come to hypnotize me for being a Democrat!!!?

Sure, sounds good to me.

Sounds, INDEED!! We've seen this before, in coral REEFS, when 45,051 paralyzed VEGANS WERE polluted by the coal industry!! (Or is that supposed to be a SECRET?) As I understand it, Shrubya caused Katrina by clubbing the unhappy gays in the U.$.A.!!!!

They probably deserved it.

Hey? I reject division. The Treasury Department can defenestrate countless trillions of Puerto Ricans, all in the name of "HOMELAND security"? Laura Bush!!!!? Sean Hannity!!? I can't tell one saber-rattling-loving, insurgent-needling, empty-headed mouthpiece for the oil lobbyists from the other!

Yeah, but I can.

All wrong! You really SHOULD read "The Carnivores Are Erasing Antarctica," by Noam Chomsky!! It totally changed my life. The Repopelickins stole the so-called election by molesting the bisexual voters!! What can we EXPECT next!? It's clear to me it's open season on Native Americans.

Noam Chomsky is a raving socialist tool.

Vote Noam Chomsky 2008. Unlike you and William Rehnquist, I am not in love with pollution!! Wouldn't you agree, when the creeps say "war on terror," they really mean "violence". When they say "weapons of mass destruction," like I've said a million times before it is JUST a code word for "war"!!!

And that's a problem because...?

Because, indeed!! Absolutists. Condoleezza Rice!!!? John Ashcroft!!!!? IMO, I can't tell one imperialistic altar boy for the Skull and Bones Society from THE other. (Dick Cheney either, figuratively speaking.) Alec Baldwin's book, "Whither the NATIVE Americans," should be required reading for RECRIMINALS like you!!! As a voter, indeed I am screaming.

Well, don't be gettin' all hoarse over me.

What makes you say hoarse!!!? When the Likudniks say "Christianity," they really mean "MURDER"!! What next? Will the pigs come to arrest me for being a Democrat!!!?

I wish they would.

Hey!!!? As a natural woman, I see I am pathetic. I assume, Son of a Bush caused Katrina by shredding the otters in the third world.

I don't shave my legs sometimes, does that make me a natural woman, too?

Sometimes, indeed!!! Allies, indeed!! U.S. get out of Montreal!!! The CATHOLIC Church can shred several million Puerto Ricans in the third world, all in the name of "family values"? That makes it okay, then!!!!

Well, I ain't Catholic, so I can't really comment on that.

Why do you say "Catholic"!? I reject division!!! Unlike you and Kenneth Starr, I am not in love with death!

The only time I love death is when it comes in the form of a nice fat steak!...grilled with A1 sauce.

"Love"? Can you believe it. The truth is at!!!! Bible-thumpers. As a herbivorous bisexual, I am glabrous! Puh-leeeez!!!

Wow, you must have a thesaurus handy.

Speaking of thesaurus! The lying thief's War Against Church-state Separation must end now!!! Power to the senior citizens!!

Well, it's been nice chatting with you but I must get ready to go to bed. Seeya!

What do you mean, "chatting"!? Since 1978, 33,198 Puerto Ricans have been urinated on in Ottawa!! Smirk only wants ANTARCTICA for the oil!!! Simply dismal!!!! I am not one of Tucker Carlson's society of imperialistic MOUTHPIECES!!!

Man, it's so realistic, it's spooky!
If you want to give it a whirl, go ahead and try your skills below. But note that sometimes you might have to hit enter twice. Like real moonbats, it can be a little deaf sometimes.

HT: Sean Gleeson


Anonymous greEnb0w said...

Come on! Neanderthals! The Repuglickins stole the election by stomping on the voters in Somalia, like Rush Limbaugh helped our thieving monkey to steal Kyoto (while the International Monetary Fund happily sat on the sidelines)!!

4/09/2006 7:30 AM  
Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Amazing. I'm going to link to this. I typed in:

"Western civilization is the last best hope for mankind."

And got:

"Western civilization!? If you aren't disgusted about this Thief-in-Chief, unless I'm crazy you are a Republiklansman Texan sycophant of Dick Cheney!!!! U.S. GET OUT of New Hampshire!!!! I reject graft! Since 1970, 41,977 lesbians have been shot in Quebec!!"

I always thought the lefties were aliens from another planet. Now I'm not so sure. Perhaps they are all robots programmed like this Autorantic Virtual Moonbat.

4/09/2006 9:55 AM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Y'know, Patrick...not to be starting any rumors, but do you think this could be Ms. Moonbeam's "ghostwriter"? ; )

4/09/2006 10:01 AM  
Blogger Gayle said...

Heh heh heh! Simply hysterical! Thanks for a good laugh. And so that I may laugh some more, I am going to go give it a whirl.

4/09/2006 11:11 AM  
Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Ms Moonbeam is a mystery. I've asked her straight out by email to tell me but - no she wants to retain her "mystique."

4/09/2006 1:22 PM  

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