Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Late for Work

I overslept today and just as I was rousing and reminding my sleepy self that it was ok to roll over and doze back off, since I had unwisely stayed up way too late, my more awake part 'shouted' in my brain: "You're late!"
Ahhhh crap!
No, I didn't have to fly out the door in a state of half-dressed with a toothbrush hanging out of my mouth, travel cup of coffee sloshing as I went. Nope.
I work at home.
But, I know how I am, so in order for me to maintain enough discipline to work at home, I have to at least mentally treat it like a so called "real" job. And that means starting work at a set time and keeping a schedule of things to do and when.
And at this time a year, when the spawn are out of school, that means getting my assigned tasks done in the morning hours while they are still sleeping in. That way, I can maintain my facade of a stay at home mom without much trouble, since by the time they finally come to, all my computer work has been done for the day.

Right now my job has become something akin to a migrant worker picking strawberries.
I've been contracted by a friend to fisk a directory list for her. She has a retail site and wants to be listed in as many online directories that allow free listings as possible. She has a list of about 500 directory sites. Yes, five hundred.
The thing is, this list is just a junk list that someone compiled with no additional explanation-just URL's.If it's a directory site, it's listed. She just wants the free ones. So my job first is to quickly review each site, see if they offer free listings or not, make notations about it and *click* move on to the next one.
THEN once that's done, I'm to go back and submit her site to the directories that offer a free listing.

It's piece-work. We've agreed on so much per URL to review and then so much per submission. This will take time, but luckily she's not in a hurry...just get it done.
I normally don't take on these jobs. It's time consuming and tedious without much reward. At least when I rig up a site for someone, the day's work is on the monitor for all to see.

But, she's an ol' pal. Terrible what our friends can get away with, eh?
I'm sure there is fancy schmatzy software that will do this sort of thing for you, but she must think it would be cheaper in the long run just to contract me to do it by hand. OK, sure...whatever. A buck's a buck, right? Better me & my younguns get it than some software company.

Alright, coffee break's over- back to the salt mines! I still have 32 more URLs to check out today.


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